Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stay Inspired.

Inspiration is something that I, as a blogger, am constantly searching for- in every possible moment of life. From every person I meet, every pretty little fleeting moment of the day, every website I stumble across, every funny witticism. It's usually when I need it most that inspiration is nowhere to be found. When I have to make a new banner or a graphic for Cheeky Cheeky, my mind doesn't always go to a place of creativity. Sometimes I just feel tapped out. But when I want to whip up something for fun, I have no problem go-go-going and making a pretty little image. Proof: see above. 10 minutes. But when I spent two hours working on a banner for the new shop, this inspiration was no where to be found. It's like it's non-transferrable or something. When my brain knows it needs to work, it just shuts down. It's probably the looming pressure and knowing that the banner is an important part of the shop.
I'm just not the sort of gal who's going to stand for this uninspired malarkey. As soon as I'm feeling down in the dumps (or as I like to call it, D in the Ds) when working on a project, I instantly press pause. Then there are three options: 1. Step away for a little bit for an impromptu dance party to wiggle all my wiggles out. 2. Check in on some of my favorite blogs for some blogger love and motivation. 3. Watch one of my stored video sources of inspiration.

Today, I'd like to share with you my ultimate motivator- Conan O'Brien's final goodbye speech from "The Tonight Show." Whenever I'm D in the Ds, I sit my ass down and watch this video. It reminds me to just keep going, and continue smiling all the way. No, it's not going to give me ideas as to how to design my banner or whatever. But sometimes inspiration doesn't come from pretty things, it comes from kick ass speeches.

Fun fact of the day: I cry literally every single time I watch this video. I've probably seen it at least 79 times.

Conan O'Brien's Farewell Speech from Sonlay on Vimeo.


  1. I started getting teary eyed when his voice started breaking. I love Conan so much. I love his advice to not be cynical. I've been planning on featuring him as a Fella of the Week soon. About being inspired, I give myself weeks to get inspired because sometimes I know I need a banner or something and I don't want to force inspiration because it won't be as good so I just wait for it to come naturally. I liked this post, I kinda needed to re-watch his goodbye speech so thanks :)


  2. I have a mild obsession with Conan and I think he's a genius. I'm glad that he can help get you out of a rut as well.

  3. that conan video is seriously the best!


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