Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Top 5 iPhone Apps

My iPhone and I are in a committed relationship. I know that sounds creepy but think about it... We go everywhere together. We sleep next to each other in bed at night. He even wakes me up in the morning for work. If that's not a boyfriend, then I don't know what is. (I obviously don't know what is.)
I spend hours upon hours searching for apps to make my iPhone happy and pretty. Then there are the apps that aren't pretty, but more functional. Both kinds are necessary in my life and I collect them like Pokemon. I have this looming fear that one day my iPhone is going to crap out because I've downloaded too many apps. Knock on wood- I pray to God that doesn't happen. (Yeah, these are the important conversations I'm having with God on the regs. That, and "WHY, OH WHY, GOD, ARE KIM K AND KRIS HUMPHS GETTING DIVORCED?!?!?!.... I am God's unwanted child.) Anyway, these are my faves of my favorite iPhone Apps-

5. Lose It!- I found this app when I first got my iPhone and it's calorie counting perfection. This app allows you to log your foods, as well as exercise, and weight loss. It's super helpful with tracking how many calories I should be eating, and how many I am. It's a fairly simple app, but for anyone trying to lose weight or keep track of what they're eating, it's awesome. Plus, it will tell you how many calories you can eat each day if you want to lose a certain amount per week.

4. Ness- What's even more fun than counting calories, is not counting calories. Anyone who has ever been on a diet would probably agree with me. This app allows you to rate restaurants in your area, and will suggest new restaurants for you to try, based on your previous rankings. I seriously wish I had this app when I lived in New York. Even still, I'm loving it in Ohio. Lots of new places to try!

3. Be Funky- I must say, I do love a good photo app. Be Funky is kind of a poor man's Instagram, but I love it all the more for that. It allows you to import photos from your camera roll, edit brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc, and then add effects and frames. It's like a little portable Photoshop.

2. Reeder- I love my Google Reader, almost as much as my iPhone. I wake up every morning and spend at least a half an hour catching up. I used to get separation anxiety during the day, but no more! Now I have my Google Reader on my iPhone, and can check it obsessively throughout the day. As if I needed one more reason to check my phone.

1. Instagram- I don't know anyone with an iPhone who doesn't use this as their go-to photo app. It's definitely my favorite of all favorites. I love how many different photo filters it has, as well as the quality of each individual filter. Plus, the Instagram community is so interesting. There are so many wonderful photos to peruse. I like that it makes even the worst of photographers (me) into an expert. A little "Earlybird" filter, and suddenly you're a camera genius.

Those are my Top 5, but there are definitely tons more I use on a daily basis. My Pandora app, my Twitter and Facebook apps, my Diptic app, my Pinterest app... The list is far too long. But I always love getting new ones. They're like new little nerd toys. What are some of your favorite apps? I'm feeling like adding on to the collection.


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