Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Snapshots {11/13/11}

This weekend in Instagrams: as brought to you by Christmastime. I'm finally getting in the Christmas mood, and I'm full on listening to holiday tunes. A Very She & Him Christmas by She & Him is now in constant rotation. Zooey Deschanel crooning "Blue Christmas" is my ideal Christmas song. Anybody else loving that record? 

This weekend was slightly festive, but mainly busy. I feel like I didn't have a second to even pause. We had Friday off of work because of Veterans day which was a special treat that I only found out about on Thursday. I love surprise days off! I started off by anxiously wishing for tickets to see Brand New on NYE at 11:11- and my wish was granted. A perfect way to start the day. From there, I went with my Mom and Dad and our friend, Susie, to lunch at Panera. Sometimes I think that if I had to pick my final meal, I might pick their You Pick 2 with broccoli cheddar soup & a caesar salad. So perfect. Then we hopped over to the movie theater and saw In Time. Ummm can I just say that there was a point that I screamed at the screen "OH MY GOD!" and reached my arm out as if to interact in the scene. It was suspenseful, to say the least. It gets two thumbs up on the Carmen-scale. Amanda Seyfried is such a babe. After that we did a little shopping and I spotted these little snowman soap despensers. How cute! After that, I headed over to babysit Aleena and her siblings Morgan and Lance. We had a couple hours of play time, then I put them to bed, complete with a few super hero stories. 

Saturday was filled with even more little munchkins! We picked up my parents old foster children, Miyonnah and Mariah as well as their new brother, Lamarion. We took them to this super cool kids' play place full of bouncy houses, swing sets and tons of adventures for kids to explore. As much as the kids were exhausted when we left, I think the adults might have been even more worn out. The responsibility of watching three kids perilously fling their bodies to and fro in a bouncy house, or round and round on gymnastics rings is enough to make me want to break down and cry. They had almost no fear, running around from one side of the gymnasium to the other. Crazy kids. We had a little play time at home after, then they went down for a nap (Thank God.) I managed to fit in a little time with my book, Talking To Girls About Duran Duran by Rob Sheffield. After that we headed to Red Robin, which is the kids' favorite restaurant ever. It's the perfect environment for little ones- extremely loud, so no one notices their rowdiness. All I wanted to do after dinner was go home and go to bed... but that just wasn't in the cards. My Mom's friend drove all the way from Atlanta to throw us a Mary Kay party! My brother's wife, Diane, and her sister, Joyce, drove down for the festivities. I wasn't what I would describe as a big fan of Mary Kay before the party. But post-party I'm a believer, that's for sure. She had everyone take off their makeup and redo it with Mary Kay products. Literally everyone there looked so much prettier post-makeover! I even tried out a red lip that was kind of a stretch for me, but I loved it! I think I might be adding it to my beauty repertoire. 

Sunday, I awoke feeling totally exhausted. Instead of staying in bed, my parents, Diane, Joyce and I headed out to breakfast at a new spot we just heard about: Good Morning Hollad. It's a Mexican restaurant, with delicious breakfast and brunch options. If I were a person who brunches here in Ohio, I would be going to this spot every weekend. So yummy! After that, we headed out to another shopping adventure at Clothes Mentor. (Seriously, I think we've gone there every weekend for at least the last month and a half. It's officially an obsession.) I picked up two cardigans, one top and a pair of gorgeous boots. Thanks Clothes Mentor! I had some mid-afternoon Diet Coke to pick me up, and then took a nap right after :) I woke up intending to study (as always) and ended up watching Elf instead. Ooops! I spent the rest of the night chilling out and once again feeling guilty for not doing homework. Standard Sunday night!


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