Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Snapshots {11/27/11}

What a perfectly long long-weekend I had. It felt like it would never end, in a good way. And yet, it's Monday and Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone. I was actually off of school and work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 5 day weekend, what what! I started my long weekend with our vintage photoshoot, followed by a trip up to Royal Oak, Michigan to visit my friend Rhea, who was in town from LA. We had an amazing time, lots of catching up and drinking. She's one of those people who I can go months and months without seeing, but we pick back up like no time has passed at all. 

I drove back down to Ohio Thursday morning for Thanksgiving festivities.  I was exhausted from the night before, but I still managed to whip up my dish and still have time to shower. Thanksgiving was delicious- I ate enough for at least 5 people. Perma-full. Friday was full of napping, thirfting, Mexican food and board games. I didn't actually take any pictures, strangely enough. Too much family time to whip out the camera. Don't you hate that? I can't believe we went all of Thanksgiving weekend without getting a family picture. Womp womp. At Christmas, for sure.

Saturday was the big game, around these parts- OSU vs. Michigan! We're U of M fans through and through. Spoiler alert: We won! Definitely a happy household after the win, especially because it's the first time Michigan has beat OSU since 2003. Hot damn. Sunday entailed an early morning wake up call for me. I was still pretty beat, but waking up early is okay when it's for a friends date. Panera in the morning- yum! Then it was even more thrifting. I scored some major stuff this weekend. That's just even more incentive to get the shop launched! One thing I couldn't make it out with was the wallpaper at one of the estate sales we went to... Apparently peeling it off the walls is "frowned upon." Whatevs, look how cute it is!! After that, we saw Hugo 3D, which I have to be honest- I was not to stoked about. It honestly didn't look that good to me. I was pleasantly surprised- the movie was actually really good. A little long for me, but it was super cute. Plus, I got a slurpee, and spotted a life size Lorax. If that doesn't make for a perfect evening, I don't know what does. Afterwards, we went to Chili's for a quick bite. Did I mention that my Dad is now a gimp? Dude is walking around with crutches because he hurt himself working out. Trust me- no one is more upset about this than me. Mainly because I now have to let the dog out 87 times a day, but let's pretend it's because I'm worried about my Dad. Just kidding, I srsly do hope he heals quickly. Watching anyone hobble around with crutches is rough.

Now for a fun week ahead. Lots to do!

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  1. I love your red lips/bangs and the "funnies" is the best section in the paper. My family used to fight over it :p



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