Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Snapshots {11/6/11}

Do you ever wake up on Monday, and have no idea what you spent the past two days doing? That's how I feel today. I know I did some fun stuff in there somewhere, but there was also a lot of napping and TV watching. I don't know what it is lately, but I'm feeling so tired all the time. It's like I'm tired all day, but I get really energized right when I should normally be going to bed. Instead of spending these hours being productive, I research DIY projects I might never do, and stalk people on Facebook I'll probably never see again. It's a really productive life I lead. Like right now, I could literally fall asleep on my couch. I'm pathetic, right? I would guess that I spend 70% of my life wishing I was napping. (The other 30% is when I'm actually sleeping.) But that's means I'm officially an adult now or something, right?

On Friday I pretended to be a housewife. I made some tortilla chips from scratch, and ate them with some of my Mom's delicious homemade salsa. That plus a beer- I'm in heaven. I had homework due at midnight, so I spent most of my night working on that. Yeah, you may have gone clubbing, but I'M PASSING ALL OF MY CLASSES! (I won't even say I'm getting As in all of them because I think that's a lie. But whatever. Passing is the new A!)

Then on Saturday I slept in, and was pretty much useless. I did manage to give my puppy, Hala, a trim though. I've never heard anyone say this before, but for a dog, she just does not photograph well. I think it's because her fur is so dark. Whatever, take my word for it- she's adorable in person. My cute little devil dog. Saturday night I went over to my girlfriend, Sarah's, house and had a GNI (Girls' Night In) with Bridesmaids and beer. Even though it's the third time I've seen the movie, I still got tears in my eyes from laughing. With the added perspective of now living at home, Kristen Wiig's character's dilapidated life gives me hope about my own. If she can (semi) figure out her own life, I probably can too. 

Sunday morning, I woke up early with my Mom and our friend Johanna for girls' shopping trip to our favorite second hand store, Clothes Mentor. I got some good stuff, as always. Then I hit up the grocery store with my madre and spotted the best magazine cover I've ever seen. J. BIEBS IS A DADDY! Well, actually probably not. But the fact that someone is even making that allegation just cracks me up. Haters gonna hate, or something like that. I just don't know why I didn't think of it first. (That seems to be a theme in my life.) I could be on the cover of Star Magazine right now, if I just got knocked up and said it was Justin Bieber's baby. I don't think anyone who knows me would think I would even get within 10 feet of him, but I could say it was his pure sexual magnetism or something. Whatever, that idea is obviously shot to hell now. Thanks a lot, Mariah Yeater! (Yeah, that's her name. I read it in the magazine.) I spent the rest of Sunday napping, watching Bridesmaids again, and some other horrible stuff on TV, while pretending to do homework.

Even though the weekend flew by in a flash of laziness, the weather was gorgeous so I definitely appreciated that. I wish it could stay like this forever. Pretty leaves and crisp fall air. It puts me in the mood to listen to Tegan & Sara and drink coffee. Yes, please.


  1. Tabloids are my guilty pleasure. I love UsWeekly! I can't believe all that stupid girl had to do was say he was the daddy and she got all that attention. I know what my future publicity stunt will be! ;)


  2. haha we should all do it! we can all go after the men of our dreams. i call ryan gosling!! of course we'll all end up with restraining orders against us, but it might just be worth it :)


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