Monday, December 12, 2011

How to Follow Cheeky Cheeky!

Hi guys! I just wanted to do a quick little annoyingly embarrassing self-promotion post. Welcome to my personal hell! I'm horrible at promoting myself in any way, so this is oddly uncharted territory for me. I think I might actually be breaking out in hives as I type this. Ah the stress!!! Bear with me a little bit, por favor.

ANYWAY. If you're new to these parts (as I think a lot of you are) you may be thinking "ZOMG I LOVE THIS GIRL, SHE'S RAD AND I WANT TO BE BFFS WITH HER!" (In my dream world.) There are a few easy ways for us to become BFFs. Any one of the three would be alright with me: (that unintentionally rhymed.)

1. Follow me on Google Reader
2. Follow me on Blogger (or click the link on the navbar at the top!)
3. Follow me on Bloglovin'
4. Or for a more personal BFF experience- email me at

The most common response when I ask even my own real life BFFs if they follow my blog on Google Reader is that they "don't even know what that is." Srsly! That bums me out!! What year are you living in?! Google Reader is like my home away from home. I check it religiously every morning. For those of you who don't use Google Reader, it allows you to subscribe to your favorite blogs and websites, and updates with their new content as soon as they post something. So if Jezebel posts a new item, it pops right up in my Google Reader. Amazing, right? Ah, technology. I really, really encourage everyone to get off their lazy asses and start using Google Reader. It makes checking all of my favorite websites super easy. I don't have to go to them individually. They come to me. Bow down, bitches.

So for those of you who are making Cheeky Cheeky a part of your day, I want to say thank you. AND TO THOSE OF YOU WHO AREN'T- YOU'RE DEAD TO ME. FOR REALSIES. DEAD I SAY....


JK. LOL. LoVe yOu GuYz!... SMoOCHeS4EVA~!~!?~~~~

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  1. Ohhh I'm following :) Also, thanks so much for your sweet comment about my blog design! Danielle from Tongue Tied in Awe ( designed my header and some of the sidebar elements...she's the best!


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