Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm Loving {12/1/11}

Happy December everyone! I can't believe it's the most wonderful time of the year, already! Yeesh, September, October and November flew by in what seems like a matter of minutes. It looks like I missed my blog's three month anniversary, too. Whoops. What's the customary three month gift- socks? Oh well. I'll save up for something good on our six month, that's the big one. I'm officially giving in to everything Christmas, and have been listening to "Christmas Wrapping" by The Waitresses non-stop. It's my favorite holiday song of all time! (Tied for second fave are "Dominick The Donkey" by Lou Monte and "The Christmas Song" by Alvin and the Chipmuks. Obvi.) I've also been drinking hot cocoa like chocolate addict- this morning I actually mixed it with my coffee. I like it so much better than my usual creamer and sugar. For some reason, I envision Christmas Elves living off of this shit. Yes, I'm a grown ass woman (girl) who still spends a fair amount of time wishing she could visit the North Pole. What? It looks magical! Have you seen Elf?! Come on, now.

All of this Christmas spirit has me in the mood to do some Christmas decorating, baking and serious shopping. I'm trying to resist the urge to go totally Christmas crazy, so instead I've put together a few of my favorite Holiday posts from around the blog and etsy world. So much fun!

Emma at Food Coma has me salivating over these Chocolate Peppermint Cake Pops. How yummy do they look? They're chocolate on the inside and white cocolate on the outside, sprinkled with candy canes. Hello, Christmas crack! These are definitely being added to my list of Holiday treats to make before December 25th.

Kaylah at The Dainty Squid posted tons of pretty Christmas decorations that made me wish I had an unlimited budget with which to decorate this year. Reindeer lights are an invention I've never seen before, but somehow can't imagine my life without. That's Christmas in one single little strand, right there. I need to own these. It's what Santa would want.

Katie's Pencil Box posted this adorable Christmas Lyrics Glitter Banner DIY! I can't say I have any faith in myself when it comes to getting this one done. You never know, though. It looks simple enough. But I wouldn't hold your breath. Still- how freaking cute?! And I love the lyrics. When you add in glitter to the mix, it almost gets too awesome. I love it.

The Veda House posted a few pictures from the Mimenga paper shop, and I'm totally swooning. Their creative products would put a smile on anyone's face this Christmas. They would make amazing stocking stuffers, too! I just love the crisp design so much. I want to decorate my life with it.  

Rich Neely Designs on Etsy is my newest addition to my Christmas wishlist. He designs iPod docking stations made from gorgeous one of a kind vintage books, and new books. His shop is sold out for Christmas, but I wouldn't mind a belated Christmas gift if this was it. *Hint hint!* 

Bonnie at Flashes of Style  posted some pretty pictures of Austin, TX that have me in love. This gorgeous shot of the record store made me miss collecting vinyl. I haven't purchased any since my return to the Midwest becuase I'm trying to save money. But there are so many records I need to own. Guess what's getting added to the Christmas list? Lots and lots of vinyl!

SRSLY LIZ posted this adorable grraphic, along with the song "Hell on Heels" by the Pisol Annies earlier this week, and I have been listening to them ever since. (In between my holiday music, obviously.) Even though it's not technically Christmas related, I couldn't help but post about this. Seriuosly, I have listened to their album at least 10 times through since Tuesday. It's embarrassing. I CAN'T STOP! They're twangy, girl country with a ton of attitude. Anyone who sings a song about a "trailer for sale" is alright in my book. If you have any interest in country music, or good music in general- check them out!


  1. I've never had cake pops but she makes me want to try them too! If only I had cooking skills..


  2. i just posted about the rich neely ipod dock since there is a contest going on at you should enter!


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