Friday, December 9, 2011

The Perfect Movie & An Icon

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Have you ever seen a movie that was just perfect, from start to finish? That immersed you in another world, so completely you forgot that it wasn't real? That's what My Week With Marilyn did for me last weekend, and I've been in a haze of 1950s beauty ever since. I totally forgot it was Michelle Williams playing the part of Marilyn Monroe, and found myself immersed in her charm and laughter, as if I was watching the real icon herself. I always knew she was troubled, but I didn't quite understand the extent of it until seeing this film. She was just as dark as she was exuberant, only everyone didn't get to see both sides. Even though she is seen as this iconic sex symbol, she was always so much more than that. It's in her eyes, I think. It's a look that says "I love you, but you'll never quite figure me out." That's probably how she managed to captivate the entire country for years and years.

I could look at pictures of her all day. The glamour, the happiness, the everything. To me, she's just as pretty when she's lounging around as she is when she's all glammed up. That's true beauty for you. There's something about black & white photos that I just can't get enough of lately...


  1. I've been wanting to watch this. I was hoping it would give me that feeling you described and bring me back to that time. I'm so excited to see it now!

  2. michelle williams did such a great job playing marilyn. her struggles were so apparent in the movie. great film


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