Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Snapshots {12/11/11}

I can't believe it's Monday already. That really freaks me out. I have so much studying to get done between now and Thursday- I could vomit. I was supposed to get it all done this weekend, but that definitely didn't happen. Ooops! Oh well, quick blog post then off to study my ass off. 

This weekend in Instagrams starts early- I just had to share this adorable photo of my puppy Hala, who finally got a haircut! She looks so cute now!! Such an adorable puppy. Oh, and we got a lake in our backyard! We fancy... it was an accident. We got a lot of rain here right before the weather got crazy cold. Thus- a new faux lake in our backyard! This 20 degree weather has me wanting to break out my real deal puffy winter coat, but I'm holding onto my cute H&M coat for now. 

Also, I find vanity plates to be the most embarrassingly awesome thing ever. I would never want one, but I love that other people have them. Like, I love knowing that people exist in the world who think it's a good idea to have vanity plates. The one and only exception to this is my BFF who has a license plate that says "Mmmbop" Srsly. She does. She's a hardcore chick with purple hair and tattoos who just happens to love Hanson. It's amazing. Anyway, I was really hoping this vanity plate was a reference to the Tegan and Sara song "Superstar" but I have a feeling it's just a girl who thinks she's awesome. Either that, or who really loves the Molly Shannon movie. 

ANYWAY. Friday night I was a big loser and my parents and I broke out our old favorite video game- Halo 2! Srsly, we used to play it every night when I was in high school. It's how Hala got her name! (Hala is the girl version of Halo. Duh.) The video game playing definitely thwarted my best efforts to study. I can't resist it! A little shotgun and sword action- I'm such a sucker for it! Saturday I tried to study, but it just didn't work out. Instead, we went and got our Christmas tree! I'll post pictures on that soon. It was freezing, but fun! Then Saturday night I babysat. Yeah guys, I know. Don't be jealous of my super cool life. It's okay. You'll be this awesome one day too. 

Sunday we had some little visitors, and a birthday party for my Mom's best friend Susie. Again- no studying. I didn't get a lot of photos from the day, except for a shot of me and Lamarion, while he was pouting. He pepped up after a little bit. I think the cake and ice cream helped. 

What an unproductive weekend I had. I really really really really really need to study now. The last thing I want is to ever have to take Microeconomics again. Yuck. Plus, once I get through these finals I'll be able to give all my attention to my little vintage shop. Yes, please!


  1. I love to see little snapshots like this...yours are so precious! Your puppy is sooooo cute!

    Love your blog - so excited that I found it through Amy's sponsor feature. I'm among such great company in that post - so many bloggy gems to be found!


  2. Thank you Kristin!! Amy did get a good bunch of sponsors this December, didn't she? Your blog is adorable!


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