Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Snapshots {12/4/11}

Monday again, blerg. This week is going to be a tough one for me, for sure. I've got a final project due tonight, a final on Wednesday, Christmas shopping to get started, and a shop to launch. NBD. Oh, and two more finals next week. It's so bizarre- I thought I left all the school stress behind me. Boy, was I wrong. Freaking out about finals again feels so weird, like I'm still 19-years-old or something. ANYWAY- I'm depressed that this weekend is over because that just means I'm one step closer to actually having to take my finals. Noooooooo!

Unfortunately I was a little under the weather this weekend, but I tried not to let it stop me from getting stuff done. Saturday I spent running errands for the shop, working on getting all of our shipping gear together. Boy, making a package look pretty is a little daunting. But I don't want to send out a package that is anything short of adorable. In the middle of shopping around, my Mom and I stopped at Panera- YUM. Did you know they have pastas now? Srsly. I got the tortellini alfredo, and it was honestly better than I would expect at a nice restaurant. The portion was just right and the flavor was perfection. That, plus a bowl of black bean soup and I was in heaven. Definitely had me feeling a little bit better. From there we went to help our friend Sarah pick out glasses. I totally see glasses as a fun accessory, so I had a tough time walking out of there without buying a few. The plastic red frames were calling my name! Then we headed to dinner with our friends David and Johanna to try a new restaurant. If you're in the Toledo area, hit up Bar 145 for some banging burgers. I, of course, had the veggie. So yummy! I only knew it as a bar (mainly for cougars) but the food was amazing

Sunday was a day of studying. Blech. Studying when you don't feel good is just totally shit. I spent the whole day on my laptop, just trying to focus on school, and trying not to fall asleep. It's tougher than it looks! Especially because I met THE CUTEST PUPPY EVER while trying to study. My brother Shane and his wife Diane got a little Boston Terrier, and he is the best dog ever. Srsly. His name is Jack, and I'm in love. He's so loving and chill, totally everything I want in a dog. Introducing him to our dog, Hala, was a challenge because she's super territorial but they were okay in the end. They have no choice- they're cousins now! Seriously, puppy cuddles are my new favorite thing. Forget men, I'm just getting a dog. (That's the saddest sentence I've ever written.)

Now time to buckle down and study!


  1. I just found your blog. It's so cute and witty :)
    This may be a stupid question (I'm actually relativity new to blogger) but how can I follow you with my google account so you show up on my dashboard with all the other blogs I follow, instead of just recieving an email because I'm the worst for checking my emails! :P

  2. aw thanks, girl! you can click on this link and hit follow-

    if that doesn't work, i just re-added the blogger navbar to my page, so you can click follow up there. i didn't realize i had it hidden, so thanks for drawing my attention to that!! super helpful :)

  3. Well I hope you rise above the weather and conquer your studying!

    P.S. Dogs can totally replace men.



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