Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 Is The Year Of Self Acceptance

Guys, 2012 is the year I am finally going to accept myself for who I am. Sometimes I smell, sometimes I'm hideous in the morning, and sometimes I'm totally insane. But most of the time I'm pretty awesome, too. So today I set out to write down some things other people may find weird about me that I'm adding to my list of oddities I love about myself. I may not be a "normal" adult, but I'm the kind of adult I want to be. 23 and still as weird as I was when I was 5-years-old and wore lipstick on a daily basis. I still have so many childlike tendencies, but damn it if the law says I'm an adult, then I guess I am. So here's to 2012, a year of claiming my adulthood, self acceptance & weirdness.

Do you guys have any odd habits or behaviors? Let's embrace them together, plz.


  1. Love this. You go girl. I'm not sure if I have any weird habits like that. .. I do stave off showering. Even when it's not summer! Lol.

    By the way, your Fag Hag article is a featured link in my Weekend Word on my blog for tomorrow.

    Love & Cake,

  2. I love this I also wear little kid barrettes in my hair in public all the time, costume jewelry and crowns are a necessity

  3. Don't worry I am almost 29 and I prefer Teen Mom to CNN. Park my car at crazy angles everyday, and still have some of my favorite kid toys like my Jem doll who hangs out on my desk. Being an adult is totally over rated :P

  4. I don't wash my face or brush my teeth before bed. I fought my parents to do it when I was younger, and I'm not doing it now that I have a choice. When I'm tired, no hygiene routine is going to stop me from getting into bed.

  5. hhahaaha these are so so so funny and true and incredible! i think i should probably follow these too!

  6. Carmen, I freakin love you. You're awesome!

    Accept yourself for who you are. Weird things in all. I feel like making a post like this also.

    xo Madeline Grace

  7. This is amazing. I'm your newest follower & I am loving your blog. This is too funny.



  8. oh i love your list! and why wouldn't you act like this just because you are an adult right! x


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