Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All Tatted Up {Edition: 2}

Another tattoo feature! I have to admit I really love doing these posts. I get asked so many questions about my tattoos on the reg. It's kind of refreshing to be putting it all out there without people asking me stuff like "What about when you're 80?!" "What about when you have kids?" and of course, "What if you want, like, a real job?!" Those of you with tattoos know what I'm talking about. These questions don't really bug me that much, it's just so nice to be telling my tattoo stories my way, without defending them one bit. I love it.

2nd week of the feature, 2nd tattoo. I got these three little birdies a year after I got my first tattoo. It was my rule at the time- no more than one tattoo a year. I didn't want to be covered by the time I was 20, so I decided that even though I wanted to get one like every weekend, I'd wait a year each time. That rule is definitely no longer in effect. I'm 23 and I have 8 tattoos. You do the math. I went to Dominic at Infinite Art in Toledo, and he gave me the exact tattoo I wanted. Our conversation went something like this:

"Okay, so I just want the outline of three birds."
"What kind of birds?"
"No, just like... birds. Nothing specific."
"Um... okay. Do you want any shading or detailing?"
"No, like literally- just the outline. That's it."

It must have been the most boring tattoo ever for him to do- but I wanted what I wanted. Now, whenever people ask me what kind of birds they are, I usually say pigeons, just to see how they'll react. Truth be told, this tattoo has very little to do with specific birds, and more to do with what birds and flight represent to me. First of all, they're pretty. Boom, done. For me, that's enough reasoning for me to get a tattoo. I like collecting pretty things in my life & on my skin. But I'm me, and I'm way overly emotional and somewhat crazy, so of course there is some deep meaning behind each of my tattoos. That will probably remain true for all of my pieces... until I finally get that My Little Pony tatt.... one day.

For me, each of my tattoos takes on different meanings and representations depending on where I'm at in my life. At the time of getting this tattoo, I was away at school and was really proud of the fact that I had picked up and moved to a huge city without knowing a single person there. I felt more like a free spirit at that time than I ever had before. I wanted something to show for that- like a badge of honor. I got my little birdies to show my new found independence. That independence has remained extremely important to me throughout the years. I'm constantly afraid I've become too tied down or too constrained by a guy, a job, or a lifestyle. Feeling tied down makes me break out in proverbial hives. Still today, these birds represent my freedom and ability to fly away from anything and everything whenever I want. I don't have to stay somewhere if I don't want to- case in point, my little move this past August. I LOVE the Rilo Kiley lyric "I am flawed if I'm not free" and I almost got that tattooed on me instead of the birdies. But I decided I didn't want to become riddled with lyrics and words, sans images. Over the years my birdies have had a few different names, but I usually call them Shane, Wes & Carmen after me and my brothers. Sibling love in bird form.

As for the placement of my birdies, I really liked the idea of keeping my tattoos somewhat together, instead of all over my body because at the time I wasn't sure how many I'd be getting. I like that my first two are so close together. Looking at them reminds me of how young and silly I was back then. I'm sure I'll feel the same about my more recent tattoos in a few years.

Thanks for reading about my birdies! (Also, how amazing is the color of this chartreuse top I'm sporting today? I just picked it up from Forever 21 and I'm in love with it. Not a color you see everyday, that's for sure!)

Next week, tattoo #3- a tree!


  1. Similar reasons to why i got my three little birds :) xo

  2. I love tattoos, I currently have one, which I absolutely love. They are such a beautiful way to express yourself.

  3. I love this and I love that it holds meaning. I'm excited to see this tree one! :)

  4. I love the birds! I can't wait to see more! <3

  5. I'm a tattoo virgin...but I really want some ink. I'm 30, geez. I need to do this.

  6. Such lovely tattoos with a sweet meaning behind them :)

  7. i feel like when i was reading it, that i was re-reading an entry of my journal. i love sharing about my tattoos as well (with facing judgement) i like being asked about my tattoos but at the same time it can get super annoying when people are negative. NOT YOUR BODY. right? lol. it drives me nuts!

    i also feel the exact same way with what you said about getting them just because they're pretty (& that's okay!) but also having a meaning with where you're at in life. sometimes i'll get a tattoo and the meaning comes later...ya know? it works itself out and i find myself telling someone what it means even though i didn't realize it at the time i got it.

    ...if that makes any sense. if it doesn't, i blame it on the cold meds.

  8. Simple but very pretty. I love it and I love the placement. I've been thinking about getting a tattoo in the same place...but of course I hesitate because of where I work. I'd have to wear longer sleeves all of the time. :[

    Loving the green shirt. :) too cute :)


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