Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Downton Abbey Obsession

I have a little (not so) secret to key you guys in on: the best show on TV that you're not even watching- Downton Abbey! (Or maybe you are, and if that's the case- you're pretty awesome.) I'm SO not one for British period pieces. I don't even like Kiera Knightly because she stars in so many of them. It's like, HELLO- we get it, you look really pretty in vintage dresses. Enough already!! But Downton Abbey is not typical British TV/movie stuff- it's not long, boring, drawn out or unrelatable. It's just like Grey's Anatomy, but set in 1912, and instead of working at a hospital, these people live in a huge house that requires a ton of maids and servants to keep it functioning. Downton Abbey revolves around the Crowley family and their estate- Downton Abbey- as well as their servants at the estate. It's really interesting to see the drama on ends of the spectrum- super rich, and super poor. And for some rich white people, they have tons of drama. Not like "Becky texted Bobby that Susie said she doesn't like Billy anymore." No, more like people dying in the Titanic, choosing a husband, falling in love, and then dealing with World War I. I mean really- we think we have problems?!

Period pieces usually leave me thinking about stupid things, like "Dude, this was before tampons. What did they do?!" or "Really? No internet?!" Yes, I am that girl. I can't help it. But when I tell you that Downton Abbey tells so many interesting stories, you don't even have time to let your mind wander off- I'm for real. I have the attention span of a small child and this show keeps me enthralled every episode. Their characters are so well developed and their plot lines are extremely interesting. I literally find myself screaming out at the TV when bad things happen. Season 1 is streaming on Netflix, and Season 2 is airing now on PBS. (Srsly never though I would be willingly watching PBS, but I am!!) I would tell you more about the plot lines, but I think that might ruin it.  I went in blind and fell in love with the show. I think you guys should do the same! Trust me, if you start watching it on Netflix today, you'll be done with Season 1 in a week. It's that good! I will say that Mary is my favorite character by far. She's like this really complex character that you can't quite figure out what she's going to do, but you can't help but root for her, despite her sometimes questionable decisions.

Anybody else as obsessed with DA as I am? I hope so! We can spend hours dissecting the Crowley family & complaining about Thomas. UGH, he's the WORST!


  1. I swear I think about things like "Dude, they had no internet - SUCH a boring life!" but I guess it was cool because you didn't know about it.
    I definitely want to check this out now!

  2. I just finished watching the first season on Netflix in 2 days! I loved it! I am so excited to begin watching the next season.

    When I watch it I wonder how the wait staff feels when they only leave the house once a week. Seriously, they are really cramped up in there!

    Also, I wonder to myself, "How does O'Brian come up with such a snappy comment so quickly every time?!"


  3. This is the 2nd post today about this show, maybe it's a sign...

  4. Oh my gosh, TOTALLY into this show too. My brother used to live in England and brought back the first season, and then we dove right into the second and gobbled it up, and then the Christmas special... oh man, I can't wait for season 3!!

  5. So glad that it is not just us Brits that love Downton! I am CRAZY about it.
    Hope you have managed to see the christmas special too...that was AMAZEBALLS!

  6. just started watching this and i'm enthralled! already i agree-hate thomas, and also edith. i absolutely love mary and matthew though.


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