Friday, January 27, 2012

Jack Attack!

Happy Friday!! This Friday post edition is late because I got called into work :( Womp womp. Oh well. I'm super excited about life right now because I made my first ever GIF! Look at me, getting all fancy, I know. First GIFs of puppies, next GIFs of Tyra from ANTM. That's my ultimate goal in life. But srsly, what better reason to make a GIF than the best puppy in the world- JACK! He's my brother Shane & his wife Diane's dog. I'm basically obsessed with him. I've determined that Boston Terriers are the best dogs ever. This is based 100% on the fact that Jack is so awesome. All he wants in life is to be around humans. He doesn't want to play fetch or even eat his food. Literally he just wants to sit with humans and pretend he's a human, too. It's adorable. Shane and I were having a little fun at Jack's expense last night on Facetime, and I couldn't resist posting it. How cute is this dog?!?!


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