Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Longboard Loving

Today is a spectacular day, for more reasons than I'm about to explain to you right now... But mainly because of what I'm about to explain to you right now.

Last year for my 23rd birthday, I asked my parents to get me a longboard. I had this romantic idea that I'd start riding it to work and I'd be this super cool badass chic. Well, that didn't happen. See, I don't actually know how to longboard. My parents didn't think I'd actually like it as much as I liked talking about it, so they got me lessons instead. I was sincerely bummed, although I definitely appreciated their efforts. I'm not a "lessons" kind of girl, really. I'm not even a "read the directions" kind of girl. I already had a few friends who could teach me how to board and I didn't feel like falling on my ass in front of someone I didn't even know. Spoiled brat- I know. So I never cashed in on the lessons. Plus, this was all right before I was deciding to move home and the gift cert kind of got lost in the shuffle.

Well, not as of today! I'd been wanting to call up Uncle Funky's in NYC where my parents got the gift cert for the lessons and ask about cashing it in for a board instead but my lazy ass kept putting it off. Last week I finally made the phone call to get things going on getting my board. As of today, my board is being shipped to me here in Ohio! (I love when I actually do stuff. I feel so productive!) I could not be more excited!!! Granted, it isn't exactly longboarding weather right now, but it will be soon enough.

When I originally got the gift cert, I had the idea to trade it in for a board instead of lessons but the boards were all so expensive and none seemed quite right for me. I couldn't seem to find my board. I know it's cheesy, but I want to really love my board! Imagine my elation when I logged onto their shop today and found the perfect board for me- her name is Penny. She comes in a ton bright, crazy colors and is pretty much the prettiest board I've ever seen. Here are her specs: Length: 23" & Width: 6" at the widest point. This means she's small enough to fit in a backpack- hi, hello Penny- YOU'RE MY IDEAL LONGBOARD! Not so big that I'll knock shit over, but big enough for me to actually ride without falling off (hopefully.) What makes me love her even more is the fact that the design is a resurrection of mid-70s plastic injection moulded boards. Retro! Oh, and the fact that she's the exact price of my gift certificate. Srsly- this is meant to be. I'm beaming with excitement right now. The toughest part of this whole process has been picking the color. I was leaning towards red until I talked to my guy at Uncle Funky's. Since he told me he could switch out the wheel colors, I decided to go with orange with blue wheels. I saw the board in the video below and basically fell in love with the color combo. So cute, right?!

If you're in the market for anything longboard related, definitely check out Uncle Funky's. They've been so nice to me!! While we're at it- do any of you longboard/skateboard? There's definitely a pretty big subset of girls who are getting into it. I really want to be friends with these girls. They seem like the coolest chicks. Must master the board first!

Ah, I'm so pumped to take Penny on some adventures this Summer.

This video is basically all I want for my Summer to be.... Except I'll be in Toledo. But still.


  1. How fun!! I'd love to have a longboard... will def. check them out :) Hope you enjoy it! Post pics once it arrives!

    Hope you're doing well, dear!

    Love & Cake,

  2. I hope Penny works out great for you! I wish I was coordinated enough to longboard... Have fun!

  3. Thanks so much for this post. Last night I was thinking how cool it would be and how cool i would look, hopefully, longboarding. I live in ny so this couldn't be more perfect. thanks again and have fun!

  4. OMG soul sisters. jk. But I have been longboarding for years so if you want any tips just hit me up chicadee!join this crew https://www.facebook.com/longboardgc

    girls are beast here ;)

  5. In my mind I longboard. And in my mind I'm really, really awesome at it. In reality, however... I have zero sense of balance and would likely end up using it as a summer toboggan.

    Just stumbled on your blog via Scathingly Brilliant, btw. Just so you know how this random person appeared in your comments.


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