Monday, January 2, 2012

Weekend Snapshots {1/1/12}

Hi, lovies! Happy 2012!!! I still feel the same as I did in 2011, but I'm pretty sure I say that at the start of every year. I also always make some lame joke at the bank or whatever about still writing "2011" on all my papers and stuff. LOL, right?! Anyway, I'm just wrapping up my long weekend and decided to post my weekend in Instagrams on my faux-Sunday night. I must say, I'm a big fan of extended weekends. So much time to chill and hang out- there's nothing I love more! I started off Friday by getting off early from work and heading out to a few estate sales. One was actually at a hoarder's house- when I tell you I was giddy with excitement and fear- that's srsly an understatement. I was hoping I'd have to climb over stacks of old newspapers and candy bar wrappers, but alas the house had already been cleaned out. BUMMER! (This gave me an idea to contact hoarders and ask them if I can give guided tours of their homes. I'd pay to see that for sure!!... To glimpse my future, if you will.) After the hoarder disappointment, I had a bagel for lunch, with a side of vagina humor. Very tricky, Berry's Bagels!!

Saturday I was busy running around doing family stuff & shop stuff in the morning, then I headed up to Ann Arbor to hang with my brother, Shane, and his wife, Diane, for NYE. We had dinner with a few of their friends, then a chill night in watching the ball drop. I think I'm officially not into going out on NYE. Too much pressure. This year was perfectly mellow. I'm so lucky to have Shane & Diane just a short car ride away to hang out with- life would be a bit boring down in Toledo without them so close. They're two of my favorite people... within driving distance. Kidding! In general, obvi!! Sunday, we were lazy as hell. We watched lots of movies, hung out with their puppy, Jack, and did a whole lot of nothing. Again- perfection. Today was early morning thrifting, followed by a road trip up to the mall in Somerset- a HUGE mall in Michigan. Did you know there's a store called The Detroit Shoppe?! Shane showed it to me and I basically fell in love. It's a shrine to all things Detroit- the food, the music, the sports. It's a beautiful sight to see. Such a cool vibe. Afterwards Diane and I did some crafting (she's way better than me at all things crafty) and chilled for a little before I drove back down to Toledo.

Now I'm watching the Fiesta Bowl and catching up on all my blog reading from the weekend. Definitely not looking forward to working tomorrow. Yuck. But at least I have a week before classes start. I intend on making the most of it. And by that, I mean taking as many naps and watching as much Netflix as possible. I am who I am.

PS- I just started a fun new project- the 30 Day Instagram Challenge for January! I found it on Amy's blog and I'm super stoked! Follow me on Instagram to see my photos! @carmenmariah. I'll do a round-up post at the end with some highlights!!

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  1. I love mellow holidays! I would much rather have a NYE like that then braving the crazy parties with hundreds of drunk people!

    & I love that you have a store devoted to Detroit!


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