Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Snapshots {1/8/12}

Oh, Monday... I hate you so much. This Monday in particular. Today is the start of a new semester, which means no more naps, no more evenings with Bravo TV, no more break. Part of me is excited for the upcoming semester, but most of me is just bummed break is over. I sound like I'm a third grader. I'm also srsly bummed it's Monday because this weekend was so much fun! I can't think of a better weekend in recent memory.

Friday after work, I started my weekend the best way possible- an estate sale with TONS of great finds. I couldn't believe it. I scored big time. A lot of them need repairs, but they're so gorgeous that it's totally worth it. I can't wait to shoot them for the shop this weekend! After swooning for a bit over my new vintage finds, I went to dinner with my parents, followed by drinks with my friend Adrienne for her birthday! We're super cool and awesome, so instead of staying out drinking until 2AM, we cut our evening short for a dessert date at a new spot in town. Much preferable to a hangover, for sure. 

Saturday I drove up to Ann Arbor for hangs with Shane & Diane. The drive is supposed to be around 45 minutes but it usually only takes me a half hour. Kids, don't speed. We kicked off the evening by seeing a HORRIBLE movie. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I cannot warn you strongly enough- don't go see this movie. It's like they want you to be confused. You know how when you saw Inception everyone left the theater discussing their thoughts on the movie, especially the ending? THIS WAS NOT THAT KIND OF MOVIE. We all just sort of looked at each other all confused, and we couldn't even agree on what had just happened. Like, we all pretty much got it, but not in a good way, or in a way that we understood why they tried to make it so confusing. Blech. Still, Colin Firth was in it- very sexy. After that we went to a party at Shane's friends Jen & Carson's house. (Shout out!) It was honestly the most fun I've had in a really long time. Beer tasting (um, YUM), delicious appetizers, and then a couple games of Mafia. I didn't actually do too well, truth be told. One round I was Mafia and I got killed off. I'm not good at lying! The other round I was a townsperson and I got murked! Ouch Town, Population: Me. Still, it was a gathering of really good people and I think we all had a blast.

Sunday I drove back down to Toledo and spent most of the day working on the shop. I did a fitting with our adorable models, which was so much fun. They make the whole photo shoot process so awesome. Then we went over to our friends David & Johanna's for my favorite- BREAKFAST FOR DINNER! So delicious! Plus, they have one of my favorite dogs ever- Mr. B's! He's also my absolute favorite one-eyed dog in the world. I mean, he doesn't have any competition. But still- hold that title proud, Mr. B's!

Okay, now that I've shared my weekend in painstaking detail- I'm off to start my first day of classes! (I already found out one of my classes has a group project. Kind of inching closer and closer to a panic attack about that one. What if no one picks me to be in their group?!?!?!)


  1. You're awesome! Someone will pick you to be in their group!

    Also, the one eyed dog is super cute!

  2. I am totally crushing on your blog. Keep it up.


  3. That dog is so cute! I bet he is the cutest one-eyed dog in all of history.

  4. your dog is soo cute! i love this post! cute red coat

  5. Why are you so cute? So glad I found you :)


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