Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All Tatted Up {Edition 4}

Pink shoes & a little tattoo story for you guys this Wednesday! Actually figuring out how to photograph this tattoo was so difficult. I knew I didn't want to post pictures of my weird feet just like hanging out all like "Hey, we're feet! We have gross spider-like veins, and in the right light, we look like creatures from your nightmares. Wanna rub us?!" Just too weird to post on Cheeky Cheeky. So I put on my favorite pink heels (from Nine West) that I almost never wear, and snapped some photos. Much better than seeing my awkward finger-like toes!

Everyone remember my last tattoo story? It was a cautionary tale of spur of the moment tattoos and how the whole experience can turn out to be a bit of a bummer. Well, this week's tattoo is another semi-spur of the moment tattoo- but it's a much happier story! My friends Amanda and Raquel came to New York for a visit in the Summer of 2009. Amanda has tons of tattoos, so I kind of thought getting a spur of the moment tattoo was a possibility. I had been wanting to get one myself anyway, so I started doing some research & asking my other tattoo-loving friends. The general consensus was that there was a decent place called Fine Line Tattoo on 1st Ave that did quality tattoos for walk-ins. I looked them up online & they looked pretty legit.  I kept this little tid-bit in my head when Amanda, Raquel and I decided to get tattooed during their visit. We walked into the shop & were getting tattooed within a half hour. I've actually been back there one other time to get a few other little pieces on a whim. It can be difficult to find a place that will do walk-ins and actually give you great work, and Fine Line is my go-to New York spot for just that. Personally, I'm hesitant to get anything detailed on a walk-in, but Amanda got a really awesome & intricate piece done here on a walk-in. It really depends on your personal preference. I've been tattooed by Mehai at Fine Line two times (three pieces- 2nd visit I got something on my wrist and something on my side) and I'm totally in love with all of his work... and his personality. He is SO sarcastic and dry. Truth be told, he kind of hates me and my peppy attitude, which I kind of love. The more drab and pessimistic he is, the more happy and enthusiastic I get. I really like annoying people with my pep. It's like my favorite pastime. It's definitely good to have a fun rapport with the person holding a needle to your body. 

Now, onto the actual tattoo. Growing up, my Mom always used to say "This too shall pass" to me. Whenever I was crying over a boy, or upset about a grade or something silly, she would remind me that it wouldn't last forever. Turns out, it's like something Oprah said or some like ancient proverb or something. I don't care. To me, it's something my Mommy says. As I got older, I realized that this is true of both good times & bad. Both the sad times & the happy times will pass- nothing is forever. I always try to remember that. But what better way to remember it than to get it tattooed on me FOREVER?! I picked the side of my foot because it just fit so well. It was too long to fit on my wrist, and I couldn't picture it anywhere else. Plus, I couldn't picture my Mom getting mad at me for getting a foot tattoo. I got this during the days when I wasn't sure how many visible tattoos I wanted. I really don't like pissing off my Mom! Now, I'm leaning towards getting a half sleeve, so she's just going to have to deal with it. She kind of gives and eye roll now and says "It's your body." Damn straight it is! But she does actually like most of my tattoos, my foot tattoo being one of them. Also, bonus for the foot- it didn't hurt AT ALL. It felt like someone was tickling me! I've heard other people say their foot tattoos hurt, but mine was my least painful, for sure. It also took about 45 seconds flat. That's the beauty of simple tattoos!

I'm so happy with how this tattoo turned out. Really delicate and pretty, just how I wanted it. Oh, and it's in my handwriting! Well, a cleaned-up version of my handwriting, but still. I love that I know that no one else could possibly have this tattoo because I wrote it myself. It makes me feel special! Plus, it's a reminder to always keep life in perspective. Horrible days will come & go. As will the happiest of days. So live life & try to have more happy days than sad.

Oh, and let this tattoo serve as a great example of a walk-in tattoo done right. Just because it's a walk-in doesn't mean you can't get a piece you love. Just do a bit of research first and make sure you like the shop & the people there before you go under the (tattoo) needle.

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