Monday, February 6, 2012

Cute Blog Award-- Pay It Forward!

Big Thank you to Jessa Belle for this Cute Blog Award! I never win anything (seriously- like ANYTHING. I contemplated buying some vintage trophy's at an estate sale this weekend because I wanted to feel like a winner for a change.) Like, if you think I'm kidding- you obviously don't know how much of a loser I was when I was a kid. This is is like Christmas morning in February! Thanks lady :)

Upon receiving this award, you are to:
1) Link back to the person who awarded you;
2) Answer all of the award questions;
3) Tell something about yourself that you haven't told anyone on your blog yet;
4) Award as many bloggers that you think are worthy of this award and make them aware of it.

Here are the question...

What is your go-to makeup brand?
I like to mix some fancy brands with drugstore brands because I'm poor like that. I use Clinique, Bare Escentuals and Covergirl.

What was your favorite fashion trend of 2011?
Tough call. Tie between Native American inspired pieces that were/are everywhere and nudes/neutrals/blush tones that are perfectly pretty and simple. I can't get enough of either!

What is your favorite dessert?
Ice cream- DUH! Specifically mint chocolate chip. Cupcakes are a close second. Red Velvet... yummy!

What is your favorite color?
Seafoam green. It makes me feel like Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

What is your middle name?
Mariah (No, not because of Mariah Carey. I was born before she was all famous and stuff.)

The last song you listened to?
Brand New- Failure By Design. Love them.

Dogs or Cats?
Dogs! I'm such a dog person. Cats are cute in their own way that makes my eyes itch, but I live & die for puppies.

Something I haven't told anyone on the blog yet:
I'm really a man. KIDDING! Ummm if I have to say something serious... I read all the Twilight books in a month flat. I cancelled any and all plans for weeks. Yes, fictional vampires have that effect on me.

Blogs I award:
(Can I just tell you that putting together this list gave me SUCH anxiety?! I want to give everyone on my blog list this award. Can I just do that? What are the rules to this game!!!!)

Humble Pie Vintage
Cheyenne CC
Fleur De Moi
As Luck Would Have It
Olive Observer
Tastes Like Love
The Sophisticate
Crowley Party


  1. Congratulations! The little mermaid used to be my favorite movie :)



  2. Thanks so much for listing me! I love these awards and I love reading your random facts. We have the same favorite fashion trends! And I know about the anxiety!!! The last award I got, I freaked out about who to tag. I don't even know if I did. And then, a few days ago I got one and just posted about it, and I didn't tag anyone because I was so nervous someone I tagged would be like "ugh, that's so stupid I don't wanna do it". I love these awards though! I'll post mine in a few days. Thanks again Carmen! :)

  3. Thanks for listing me! I love your blog, too. And we have the same favorite color in common. My wedding colors were charcoal gray and seafoam green.


  4. Mint chocolate chip ice-cream, puppies and Brand New. Just yes.
    And wow. One month to read Twilight series? That's impressive. Although, I must admit they did have quite an effect over me.
    XO Samantha


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