Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm Sponsoring This Month:

Happy Friday, Internet friends! This Friday I wanted to share with you three of the lovely ladies I'm sponsoring this month. These posts are usually the opposite- blogs featuring their sponsors instead of a blogger featuring who they're sponsoring. But who says we can't switch it up? I think sponsoring is such an important part of blogging. It introduces you to new readers, and it allows you to "give back" (cliche, I know) to the blogging community. Plus you get to meet some awesome ladies. I'm semi-obsessed with all of them, so I hope you will be, too.

//SRSLYLIZ// I'm so excited to FINALLY be sponsoring Liz's blog. I've been reading her blog longer than almost any other blog I follow. I found her blog through her bf's little 60 Days project and have been smitten ever since. I'm sure you all already follow her blog, but if you don't- you defs need to. She has the most adorable outfits & a dog that I would totally steal if he weren't halfway across the country.

//Little Tree Vintage// Maria is pretty much the cutest person on the Interwebs, and her ability to rock fab glasses with every outfit ever makes me super jealous. I love her blog & her vintage shop so much! I have to stop myself from buying everything in her shop. Srsly. I'm her large sponsor this month so if you don't already follow her, go say hi!

//A is for Ampersand// Amy is totally my blog & life hero, and to say that I stalk her would be a vast understatement. She's just really rad and posts DIYs that I could only do in my dreams. This month (National Eating Disorder Month) she's promoting self love on her blog. If you haven't already, sign her Self-Love Declaration of Independence! Such an inspiring lady!

Also, Shop Cheeky Cheeky is sponsoring Oh So Lovely Vintage this month. They're like our vintage-loving icons. Plus, they're from Canada. Who doesn't love Canadians?!


  1. I love A is for Ampersand! & now I'm going to have to go check the rest out!

    & all of these shops you've posted today make me wish I wasn't a broke college kid! lol

    -Madeline Grace
    Just Let the Sparrows Fly

  2. You are sooooooo entirely too sweet. Thank you so much for even being a reader in the first place AND a sponsor. I love your guts, m'lady! :)

    1. Love sponsoring your blog!! It's such a fun happy place on the internet!

  3. Just found your blog and really love it. Am now subscribing. :)

  4. Hey Carmen,
    I found your blog from Little Tree Vintage and I think you are absolutely adorable.


    1. Ahh! Thank you lady!!! Adorable is one of my favorite words to be called. Some girls like for boys to call them hot or sexy. BLECH. Adorable is much more my style :)

  5. you're really so sweet <3 thank you for those sweet words!


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