Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Single Girl & Valentine's Day

February 1st means one thing here in Cheeky Cheeky land: Valentine's Day is approaching!! As a self proclaimed "single & awesome" girl, you might think I hate this holiday. I definitely will admit I have in the past. I was that girl who grimaced as couples walked by holding hands on their way to their romantic February 14th dinner. I hated when everyone in the office got flowers from their boyfriends. It all made me want to hide under the covers. Well, not anymore! I refuse to let this one holiday become a bummer in my life. I LOVE holidays and I'm reclaiming Valentine's Day for myself. It is now going to be a day of love and happiness in my life. No more snarky comments & feeling sorry for myself. This year, I'm going to spread as much love & happiness on February 14th as I can. Starting with this little blog.

While most women/girls in the blog world tend to have a Mr. or a husby or something, I do not, and am not looking for one right now. I think all of us single bloggers should come together in a group of awesomeness and embrace our single status this month. We can be just as fabulous and beautiful as every other girl on the planet, and wear our "single" badge proud... Or something like that. So instead of sitting at home with a pint of Ben & Jerry's this Valentine's Day, can we all just agree to get off our asses and do something fun? I don't care what it is- just take off the sweatpants, take the scrunchie out of your hair, and get out of the house!! February 14th can be just as fabulous as every other day of the year.

If there's one way to ensure that you will have an amazing Valentine's Day, it's by looking fabulous. I always feel 100% better about life when I feel like I look pretty. Am I right ladies, or am I right?! There's something about getting dressed up & putting effort and energy into my look that makes me super happy. I think you might feel the same. The stars have aligned in fabulousness this Valentine's Day- Rue La La has partnered with Elle to bring tons of gorgeous looks to us this February 14th. They have a few different boutiques geared towards different styles. I'm so all over the place, I have three favorite looks from three favorite boutiques :) Act fast- the boutiques are only open until tomorrow!! {PS- if you aren't a member of Rue La La already, you SO need to be. Discounts are a shopping addict's best friend. Click here to become a member!}

I love all three of these looks for Valentine's Day. Which to pick which to pick... They're all so damn cute!! I'm leaning towards Meet The Parents, even though I'm not meeting ANYONE's parent's this year. A little red dress on Valentine's Day is kind of perfect, right?

So now that you have a fabulous outfit to make you feel nice and pretty, you just have to decide what to do with your single self on this holiday of couples. I tend to favor dinner & drinks with girlfriends at a fancy shmancy restaurant. You really can't beat that. If you plan on drinking a lot, just do everyone a favor and have your friends protect you from drunk texting. Valentine's Day brings out the sappy sentimental beast in all of us. Nothing will make you feel more like throwing up in the morning than realizing you drunk texted your ex at 3AM asking him "what happened to USSSS?!" TRUST ME- leave the phone at home or with your BFF. You won't regret it. If going out isn't your thing, then I vote for a game night with friends or going to the movies. As long as you spend the night with people you love, you'll be juuuust fine :)

Two weeks from now, I hope we're all gearing up for a fabulous night on the town with our besties. It's how every single girl should spend her Valentine's Day. Oh, and maybe pick yourself up some chocolates or something. February 14th only rolls around once a year!


  1. This is too too perfect! All the single ladies, put your hands up :)

    xo Shane

  2. i love this, you write so well! i can't stand Valentine's day whether i'm single or not, i just find it so fake! but i might treat myself to a little something pretty ;) xo

    1. thanks lady!! if anything, feb 14th an excuse to buy yourself something :)


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