Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vlog {My Traffic Court Experience}

My Traffic Court Experience from Carmen Mariah on Vimeo.

Happy Tuesday, ladies & dudes! I was going to write out a post about my traffic court experience, but I thought a vlog might be a bit more interesting. Plus, I had so much to share about the debacle of a day, I thought it might be a bit to long of a read. Almost an 8 minute video... to say I ramble is a bit of an understatement. But I hope you guys enjoy my story! I srsly need to look into editing these, but I really love the awkwardness of it all. Also, if you happen to be someone who drives with out wearing a seat belt, with a suspended license and drug paraphernalia in your vehicle, let me just say... no offense, dude! (Which is to say, you're about to be offended when you watch this video.)

Anyone else have any bizarre traffic court experiences?!

PS- Happy V-Day to all the Virgins out there!!!

PPS- JK!! Happy Valentine's Day :)


  1. hahaahahah. I love it. You have to keep doing vlogs, they are brilliant!!
    I love judge judy. I honestly want to commit some sort of crime to be able to go and see her!
    And I love the comment from your mum. I'd count that as a win if I were you!!!!!
    XO Samantha

    1. THANK YOU!!! I know it's dorky, but I get nervous doing these so it's awesome to hear that someone likes them! Yay :)
      Also, I'm totally with you on committing a crime to get to meet Judge Judy. SO WORTH IT!!!

  2. I like this one! Definitely the perfect use of a vlog. Much better story with hand gestures and mini-tangents.

  3. haha I went to pay a speeding ticket one time and some guy was in there trying to pay a ticket for getting busted for weed. I always feel like a delinquent in those kind of situations. I love you vlogs. I love that your voice isn't overly girly on vlogs like some bloggers and they prettyyy much make me want to be BFF's with you.

  4. umm...I totally noticed that you're wearing the same necklace in both vlogs. lol and I love it! Yeah so, I get tickets all the time - its kind of a problem and court really sucks...but at least you get to see some pretty hilarious people there. I hope you'll do more vlogs. Those were all kind of random sentences :)

    xx Ashleigh


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