Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Snapshots {2/12/12}

Bummer bummer Monday morning. I srsly had the best weekend ever, no exaggeration. I can't remember a better weekend in recent memory. Can we rewind, plz?! Let me start at the beginning...

Friday, one of my best friends, Nani, flew in from New York for a visit. I can't tell you how happy that made me. She's such a sweetheart and a HUGE supporter of my blog, which means a lot to me. Having her in town for the weekend made my life smile. I really really really needed some BFF time, ya know? The timing worked out perfectly because one of our favorite bands, Down With Webster, happened to be playing in Pontiac on Friday night. I picked her up from the airport and we headed into Royal Oak for a bit before the show. We, of course, stopped for Mexican food & margaritas before doing anything else. What could be better than ritas with your BFF? That's like the textbook definition of happiness right there. After that we ran around Royal Oak for a bit, shopping and trying not to die in the freezing cold. Then we split one of the best cupcakes I've ever had- a salted caramel devil's food cake cupcake. COME ON. DELISH! 

Then we headed to Pontiac to see Down With Webster play at the Pike Room. If you haven't heard of them before, you definitely need to check them out. They're a Canadian rap/pop group. They're hard to describe- but basically imagine Mike Posner or Mac Miller but instead of one dude, it's 6 dudes and it's way more awesome. Just fun party music. We had a blast at the show. They're the nicest dudes ever. They introduced me to Canadian peanut butter- something I never even knew existed. I must say- it tastes much more like peanuts than American peanut butter. Basically, I've decided that I need to move to Canada. Hot guys with adorable accents and peanut butter with a teddy bear logo. That's all a girl needs in the world. Oh, and I forgot to mention that  Nick Carter was playing in the venue attached to the Pike Room. Seeing him perform a BSB song was a childhood dream come true. I just had no idea it would be that sweaty, chubby and wearing a wife beater. Gross and weird.

During the show, it started snowing harder than it has here all winter. We walked outside to a winter wonderland. It would have been much more pretty and enjoyable if we didn't have to drive 2 hours back home to Toledo. I drove for about 20 minutes before Nani switched out and drove. I'm horrible in the snow. It freaks me out!! My car was slipping and sliding all over the road. I just started swearing and screaming because it was terrifying. Nani is from Montana so she's well versed in the art of winter driving. We made it home by 3am. UGH. Still- #worthit! We had an amazing night. 

Saturday we spent the day shopping. GiRlS dAy OuT!!!!! (LOLZ.) Then we saw The Vow and my uterus exploded. SO ADORABLE!!! Then we went out to dinner for more Mexican & Margaritas. Srsly, Nani and I have an intense love of Mexican food. It's basically the foundation of our friendship. Then we had a good ol' night out in Toledo. Lots of Bud Light and getting hit on by a guy who smelled like BBQ sauce. You know, living the dream. We also saw one of my favorite human beings ever, one of my family's old friends, Molly. I haven't seen her in years (!!!) and it was awesome to get some hang time in. The night was srsly perfection.  

Sunday we woke up totally hungover and exhausted. My parents and I drove Nani up to the airport (me + a hangover = not driving.) and I spent the rest of the day being a lazy bum. 5 hour nap, don't mind if I do. I watched the Grammys and then fell asleep pretending to study. (Um, can we vote Chris Brown off the island (the world) already? He's not okay. And the Foo Fighters are my heros. Also, Adele! That is all. There's the only Grammy recap you need. UM- YOU'RE WELCOME!!)

Now I have to go take a midterm that I totally didn't study for.... Ah, welcome to Monday. Hope you guys had awesome weekends, too!!

PS- How pretty is Nani?!!? I'd be jealous if it weren't for the fact that she's also an amazing human being and one of my BFFs. BFF status trumps pretty girl jealousy.


  1. I agree completely on the BFF& Margaritas thing! Nothing could be better! It sounds like you had an awesome weekend Carmen! I really want to find a recipe for that cupcake & try to make it because it sounds super tasty!

    Hope your midterm goes well!

  2. Ohhhh those look like some delicious margs!

  3. nice cocktails girl!!!! I want one now =D

  4. Those cocktails look delish and that cupcake even better! Yumm! Cool photos and blog by the way, I like it :) x- Berni

  5. You know by now that I'm peeing my pants because I was mentioned on your bad ass blog. I think I might have seemed like a super stalker fan on Saturday instead of a person who has known you for a long time. But it was awesome running into you and meeting your sweet friend.

    1. Awww thanks Molls! It was so awesome seeing you!! Now we just need to hang out on purpose hahah

  6. MOLLY! So great meeting you too! Carm this really was the best weekend ever!! (Carmeeeen, Naaaaaani <- you hear that...? I think it's montreal calling our name.


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