Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Snapshots {2/19/12}

Monday morning & I'm still sick. UGH. Not into this. I spent the better part of this weekend sick with I don't even know what and I'm SO ready to feel better. It's not even like the flu or anything cool, just a cold or whatever. At least if it were the flu I could legitimately complain and get out of school and work. But this dumbass cold doesn't get me out of anything. Just a cough, stuffed up nose & sore throat. FUN!

Friday I went to lunch for my friend Jamie's last day of work. Bummer city! But she got an awesome job, so yay, Jamie! They totally had the cutest sign in the window at the restaurant we went to, Grumpy's- a "Sorry You're Beautiful" instead of a "Sorry We're Closed" sign. I love little details like that. ADORABLE! Saturday I slept in and then worked on launching some new items in the shop. Head over to Shop Cheeky Cheeky on Etsy to take a peek! Lots of cute dresses & tops! Then I finally got my ass out of the house, stopped by Starbucks & mailed out some packages for the shop. A totally productive Saturday! I was feeling awesome until... I felt not so awesome. The sickly symptoms started coming on pretty quickly. Once I laid on the couch, I didn't get up until it was time for bed. I popped some NyQuil, hoping to feel better by the morning. UM- NOPE! 

Sunday morning, I was supposed to go to yoga with my friend Johanna, but I couldn't muster it. I proceeded to spend most of the day complaining about how shitty I felt. BLERG! My old foster sisters came to visit for the day and it was a total bummer that I wasn't at 100% to hang with them. Still, they were just too cute! They always play princess dress up when they're over. I love their little poses. How do children learn stuff like that?!?! I spent the rest of the day watching Metal Evolution on VH1 Classics like any boy would do. I'm really cool, right? Something about illness & metal music just goes together perfectly. 

All in all, I have to say- this was a really rockin' weekend. You're all clamoring to become my BFFs now, right?! My life is just TOO exciting!! Now I'm off to get ready for a presentation this afternoon. I haven't done a school presentation in years. I'm probably going to start sweating profusely and forget everything I'm supposed to say. Fingers crossed I don't vomit! Ah, life.


  1. I hope you feel better. I was sick last week and it was just a terrible couple of days. You got some stuff done, so that's good!
    Good luck today - I hate doing presentations.. I almost vomit every time.
    Your foster sisters are so beautiful! :)

    1. Thanks dude! I'm feeling better & even managed to make it through the presentation without upchucking. Pretty stoked on all accounts!

  2. foster sisters!!! Love them. Love them. Love them.

  3. Boo on being sick! Hope you feel better soon. They are so adorable!

  4. how appropriate is the 'sorry you're beautiful' sign with little miss diva child in the same post!?! love it!

  5. These photos are lovely :)
    Hope you get better soon sweet <3


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