Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Snapshots {2/26/12}

I know I say this every Monday, but SRSLY- it's Monday arleady?!?! Who can I yell at about this? I wish I could live in a perpetual weekend. I'd get so much stuff done! Saturday morning I went to breakfast with my Grandaddy, my Aunt Mindy, & my Aunt Suzanne, who is in town for the week from Seattle. I haven't seen her in so long, it's so nice having her in town. Plus, how cute is my Grandaddy? His response when he saw this photo? "That's a great picture. Only trouble is it looks just like me." Adorbs.

My Aunt Suzanne and I picked up these AMAZE Gianni Bini heels. They're the perfect burnt orange color, and I can't resist a thick heel & platform front. I can't wait to wear them this spring! Oh, and did I mention that they were on sale for $17!!! Nothing beats a good sale like that. I spent Saturday night at home writing and hanging with my adorable puppy, Hala. I actually got a few good essays written that I'd been putting off. Pretty productive, if not super dorky. I also watched this movie called You Instead, a British rock 'n' roll rom com that takes place at Scotland's T in the Park Music Festival. Two feuding "rock stars" are handcuffed together and boy do the LOLs ensue. I loved that they actually used T in the Park as the backdrop for the movie, it gave it such an authentic quality. Plus, there's a "Tainted Love" musical breakdown in the middle of the movie. Perfection. I'm also trying to figure out if I'm going to Bonnaroo this year, so watching this movie definitely has me leaning strongly towards going. If there's even the tiniest of chances that I can wind up handcuffed to a beautiful musician and spend the weekend half fighting/half falling in love, I'M SO THERE. Duh. Anyone else going to Bonnaroo this year?

Sunday I spent prepping for the Oscars, watching the Red Carpet & yelling at my TV throughout the actual show. God, I'm a loser. I thought the show was pretty good this year. Billy Crystal was kind of meh for me, but I loved those little clips of actors explaining what movies mean to them. So cute! Oh, and Octavia Spencer's speech totally made me cry, as did about every other speech. But particularly hers. OH- and Meryl's. She's such a class act. I love her. What did you guys think of the show? I wish The Help would have won best picture, but whatever. I think everyone sort of knew The Artist would win. As Kelly Oxford said on Twitter, The Artist was the Adele of the Oscars. SO dead on.  

Now I'm off to prepare for a quiz I have this afternoon! Kill me now.
Oh, and side note: thank you all so much for your sweet comments on my last post! You are all srsly some of my favorite humans. I'm loving the "Reply" option on comments now! It makes me feel like I can finally have somewhat of a conversation with everyone who reads this silly little blog. So two thumbs up to Blogger for adding that. 


  1. Those are some lovely pictures Miss Carmen! Be sure to enter the giveaway I'm hosting on my blog!



  2. i love those shoes!

    your granddad sounds like a funny guy - you're lucky to have him around!

    that pup is a cutie - it looks exactly like my sis-in-law's dog!


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