Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Snapshots {2/5/12}

Super unhappy Monday morning, guys! I wish I was feeling peppy, but alas... I'm super bummed that this week, school is going to kick my ass. And I can't even begin to talk about my emotions post-Patriots Super Bowl loss. UGH. I want to crawl under a blanket and cry. WAHHHHHH!!!

Okay, back to normal. Saturday morning kicked off with breakfast with my Grandaddy & family. Yummy!! Then I spent the rest of the afternoon thrifting & putting together packages for Shop Cheeky Cheeky! I found some great stuff for the shop that I'm pretty stoked about! Such a productive day. I took an excessively long nap to recover from all that productivity. (I mean, really. It's exhausting.) Then I went out with my friends David & Johanna! I feel like I never go out anymore- I'm turning into such an old woman. But I put on my party pants and we tried out a new martini bar in town. I usually favor beer & my lovable beer belly proves it. But I decided to get extra fancy and drink frou frou beverages that come in a weird shaped glass. I had a jolly rancher martini made with homemade jolly rancher vodka & a java martini that left me bouncing off the walls with energy and drunkenness. Heaven. Afterwards we went to get food & beers- the perfect end to the night! I met a dude at the bar who saw my iPhone case and assumed I was obsessed with cats. I then told him that I'm not- I just really like Hello Kitty.... I don't think that made him like me any more. Even still, it was a really fun night- good conversation & yummy food. What more could a girl ask for?

Sunday, I basically just waited around for the Super Bowl to start. It was an anxious day to say the least. I made my very own 7-Layer Dip that was full of cheesy, yummy goodness. I want to live in that dip. But then the night turned ugly when the Patriots lost the fucking Super Bowl. REALLY?! Really. As much as I want to curl up in a ball and say mean things about Eli Manning, I'm going to resist. All I will say is that I still believe that The Patriots are a better team than The Giants. We had a few bad breaks and we let our nerves get the best of us. (Yes, I consider myself an actual part of The Patriots team. Please don't send me to a mental hospital.) Now I'm going to go lick my wounds and try to forget everything about yesterday except for Madonna's kick ass performance. 


  1. Wow, that looks tasty. What is that?

    1. It's 7-Layer Dip!! So yummy! Recipe-


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