Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First Ever Call For Sponsors!

Oh hello there. I finally got my shit together and I'm launching Sponsorship for April! (Kind of terrifying, but I'm pretty excited! Can't you tell by my overuse of exclamation points!!!?!?!) If you have a blog, shop, or weird obsession that you'd like to advertise, Cheeky Cheeky is most definitely the place! At the encouragement of y Lily and Heather, I decided to use Passion Fruit to run my ads. So far, I'm loving it! For an unorganized freak like me, it's basically heaven. I kind of want to ask them if they can help me with my closet organization too, but I think that might just scare them off.   Or maybe they can get a handle on my CD & Vinyl collection. No? Whatever. ANYWAY! If you'd like to Sponsor this weird little blog, I'd be more than happy to have you. I'm pretty sure I have some of the best readers the internet has to offer, so you'd be getting a pretty sick deal. Here's the run-down: Ads go up at the first of every month, and you're contractually required to become my BFF once you buy an ad. It just works that way. Large sponsors get a dedicated post with lots of fun questions and pictures. Medium & Small sponsors will be featured in a Sponsors Roundup post. 
The large ad spot is taken for April, but if you'd like to reserve it for a future month just let me know! Ads for this month will (obvi) go up on April 1st, even though Passion Fruit says today's date. Don't let the internet fool you! So ads purchased before April 1st will run for the entire month of April. After April 1st, ads purchased will go up on May 1st. You guys aren't dumb, you get it. It's like I'm trying to explain this to a 5-year-old. What am I doing? Moving on... If you need help designing a button or anything, I can totally help out with that. Playing around in Photoshop is pretty much my favorite, not that I'm a professional or anything. Just a dabbler of sorts. If you have any questions at all, just email me ( and we'll figure it out!

For more detailed information and more of me rambling on the topic of Sponsorship (which is pretty much the most interesting thing EVER), head over to my Sponsorship page!!

Side note: In honor of adding Sponsorship, I did a mini-redesign on my blog. If you're in Google Reader, hop over and check it out! Ads will be featured right below my Google Friend Connect. Prime real estate, ladies & dudes!!


  1. I love the new layout Carmen! If I had extra cash I would so sponsor you!

  2. I did a little jig when I saw my shout out! Yup, a jig.
    Who does your layouts?

  3. I love your blog mini makeover. its so very cute!!!

  4. Aw, you're adorable! Love your glasses, chika!

  5. So I'm dying to buy a small ad AND become your BFF. Contractually. I think this contract needs to be grounded in something like frozen yogurt or tequila. Yes?


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