Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Snapshots {3/18/12}

Another Monday, another round of Weekend snapshots! This weekend was St. Patrick's day, and as a Mexican, it's not exactly my favorite holiday. I mean, I love any excuse for people to get together and act stupid, but I'm much more into Cinco De Mayo- the holiday of my people. So I went rogue and drank tequila all night instead of green beer, Mexican style. I went out with a few of my friends and even wore green because I'm a good sport like that. (Am I the only one who thinks green is just not a good color on everyone? I had to buy something special for the occasion- that's how little green I have in my wardrobe.) I tried not to over-do it on Saturday night because I had to be up early on Sunday for family brunch! My parents and I went over to our family friend's house for some yummy food & adorable baby hangs. Brunch used to mean getting drunk in the afternoon and taking a nap by 4:00, but now it means playing on the floor with kiddos and stuffing my face. It's funny how quickly things can change. 

Krissy was in town all last week and the brunch was our last big goodbye before she heads back to college. She's the closest thing I have to a sister, so I was definitely happy to have her in town. SO awesome to get some quality hang time. How pretty is she?! (This picture was actually from earlier in the week, but I couldn't resist sharing.) Then Sunday night, we went over to our friends David & Johanna's for dinner. I know my Mom and I kind of look like idiots together with our thick framed glasses, but at least we're idiots together. Kind of don't even look like we're related, right? Diane looks super pretty, but unfortunately, her husband looks like a moron in this picture. I think he's going for Eminem in 8 Mile here but it's not coming across. Also, Jo is apparent an expert tie-dyer, which none of us ever knew before. Look how awesome that shirt is! Personally, I think she should start a tie-dye blog. She was explaining the whole process to us- it's harder than I remember it being when I was in like 2nd grade or whatever. Srsly, who wouldn't read a tie-dye blog?! Hippies across the world would rejoice :)


  1. Jo should DEFINITELY start a tie-dye blog! I would be a constant reader, for one. I love tie-dye.

    Re: tequila - what do you think is the best budget tequila?

  2. I'm a big fan of Jose Cuervo, but mainly just because I like the name. It's pretty cheap, too.
    If I'm going expensive though, I go with Patron. Soooo good.


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