Monday, April 30, 2012

Sponsor Loves {April 2012}

I'd like to introduce you guys to some of my favorite people on the internet, and my sponsors for the month of April! Just promise you won't like them more than you like me! JK, I wouldn't blame you. They're all pretty awesome. Love love love them all! 

Hey y'all! I'm a tattoo lover, a pop culture addict, facial hair affictionado, mama to the sweetest puppy ever, and a maker of pretty things. I'm a city planner by trade dreaming of hitting it big and opening a little craft haven somewhere back in the Midwest. The Uniqueness of Being is a lifestyle blog about a little bit of everything. I'd love if you stopped by to say hello! 

Current Obsession: I'm currently obsessed with summer camp nostalgia and adventures on the open road, which is totally inspiring my art projects as of late. I'm also currently obsessed with artists who do interesting portraits and can't stop buying them! (Like the one Elycia did for me and just gave away on my blog!)

Hey pals and gals! My name is Kaleigh and I blog about anything I friggin want to. No but really, I do. Fashion, hair tutorials, stupid things I do, weird things I make, events in my life that might be somewhat interesting (or not...). Like I said, whateva I want! Come check me out, I swear I yell at you.  

Current Obsession: My current obsession these days is my new bra. No I'm not kidding this time. I'm seriously obsessed with this boulder holder, as I like to call them (Or pebble holder in my case.) It's quite comfy and the gals look nice and perky in it, which is always a plus when your boulders are pebbles.

Discount Code: CheekyCheeky20 for 20% off 
Adrian Loves Owls is my personal blog where I like to share my daily outfits, photography, and handmade crafts. I'm obsessed with all things vintage and I love thrifting. I run an online vintage shop, Superstition Vintage, with my bestie, Leah!

Current Obsession: High waisted bathing suits, mint and scallops. I supposed a mint, high waisted bathing suit with scalloping would make me very happy right now!

Hello, I'm Sammy and I have a mass of curly hair :) I'm a crafty kind of lady who lives in a little seaside town in the UK. You will usually find me collecting little gems at carboot sales or eating far too much Mexican food with my fiancĂ© <3 

Current Obsession: My current obsession has to be Breaking Bad. Me and my lovely guy recently ventured into getting Netflix and the first thing we decided to watch was Breaking Bad. We watch at least 5 episodes everytime we see each other because it is that addicting! Seriously, if you get the chance to watch it then DO! It will blow your mind away :)

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My name is Jessa and I am the heart and soul behind CAKED Vintage and Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa. My blog is one of loving yourself no matter what package you present to the world. My shop is one of vintage treasures I find to share with you! 

Current Obsession: My current obsession would have to be Cami, my new Canon DSLR. I don't think I have set her down for more than an hour since she arrived!

Blog//Twitter//Instagram: nicetobelieve
Marvelous Darling is a sex-positive lifestyle blog run by me, Sarah, an economics student at the University of Pittsburgh! At Marvelous Darling, you'll find Lazy Sunday weekly obsession posts, Instagrams of My Daily Life, dating and relationship observations, sex toy reviews, and a bit more eclectic fun. 

Current Obsession: I want to own EVERYTHING from Invite.L! They have incredible wallets, bag-in-bags, and stationery. I just keep picturing myself with notebooks and and Instagrams of bright wallets. (Can you tell I'm also obsessed with Instagram?) I think I could blow a whole paycheck on pretties from Invite.L!

My blog is all about documenting my daily life, going on adventures, and inspiration from all the corners of the web.

Current Obsession: My current obsession is asymmetrical dresses. They are girly and edgy and so perfect for summer! I want to a closet full by the end of the summer.

Hi wonderful readers of Cheeky Cheeky! I'm Natalie from a moment of wonderful. I'm new to the blogging world, but have always loved writing. I have quickly fallen in love with the blogging community, and I use my little blog to share bits of my life as a twenty-something Italian girl and thoughts on this and that. a moment of wonderful is about remembering just that--the wonderful moments. Please stop by and say ciao! 

Current Obsession: My current favorite obsession is the skincare line by LUSH. O.M.G. I am in love. I am using everything from their 9-to-5 cleanser to their Oatfix mask (it has real oatmeal in it!). Their products are made with all natural products and I'm serious when I say that I've recently considered giving up my day job to go work in this store.

Hi I'm Melissa from Pineapple Lily! Basically I'm a mom of three that loves booze and beauty products. But that doesn't totally define me. I share funny stories, review beer and wine, give unsolicited advice on fashion and post cute pictures of my kids too. I would love for you to visit my blog and follow along in the awesomeness!

Current Obsession: Currently I am ob-sessed with Leffe beer. It's an import that just makes me so happy when I drink it. I did a review of it HERE. Oh and it's like 9 point or something so when I say happy, I mean it.


  1. Eee thank you, Carmen! I'm so happy to meet the lovely ladies I advertise beside!

  2. I love these blogs so much. You have great sponsors, Carmen!

  3. SO CUTE! Thanks for having me! :) o and Melissa CRACKS me up, right right?!


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