Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Top 5 Reasons I Should Be Pregnant {Guest Blog on Adrian Loves Owls!}

Happy hump day, guys! Hope you're all having an awesome week. I'm currently up to my eyeballs in final projects and take home exams for school. It'll all be over by Monday, so I just need to buckle down and focus for the next few days. Is that even possible for me? Ehhh... probably not. (Also, who says buckle down? Clearly I'm losing my mind in all of this stress.) ANYWAY! I wanted to let you guys know I guest blogged on Adrian Loves Owls, and listed all the reasons I should be pregnant. Not why I should have a baby. No no no. Just why I should be pregnant. Seriously, think it through. It makes TOTAL sense. I've got logic on my side here, guys. Hop over and say hi!

Okay now I  have about 97 emails to return and a final project that requires my attention. Stress, you are my new best friend for the week! Love you like a cold sore!!


  1. Taking the finals plunge right with you!

  2. I take pre-natals everyday! They aren't bad for you. Also, I'm not pregnant.

  3. My boyfriend thinks I'm an absolute freak of nature for wanting be pregnant more than wanting a child. But I think it would be AWESOME i think it's so cool that we can carry A little human being inside ourselves plus I think it's an excuse to sit down a lot, which I love doing. But I am in nooooooo way ready to actually bring up a child!

  4. Haha I need to go check out this post, I have a feeling you and I are thinking along the same lines.


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