Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Snapshots {4/2/12}

Hi ladies & manly ladies! Hope you're all having a wonderful Monday! This weekend was INSANE! So so so much going on. Megan, from Shop Cheeky Cheeky (and my life in general), was in town so we got a TON of shop work done! Saturday morning we had a photo shoot & I failed to take a single Instagram photo... I guess I was a little busy. We always have so much fun on shoots- I can't even explain it. I have a little vlog surprise coming this afternoon that will give you guys a peek into the insanity our models and our photo shoots. Can't wait! 

I headed straight from the photo shoot to my friend Tiara's bridal shower! It's only the second one I've been to of an actual friend of mine so I'm still adjusting. I just can't believe we're this old already!! We snapped some pictures with the whole group of youngins & then a special picture of me, Tiara and Adrienne. Those two are some of the only close girlfriends I still have from high school. I always thought I'd stay super tight with a ton of girls from high school, but it gets so hard to stay in touch! But Tiara, Adrienne and I have always been pretty good at scheduling hang time. I'm SO happy for T & her fiance- can't wait for the wedding in July!! After the bridal shower I took a nap, followed by dinner with my parents, my sister-in-law, Diane, and Megan! Fun family dinner. I hate that I'm wearing the same dress in all of these photos, but it was an eventful day!

Sunday was literally one of the laziest days of my life. It was glorious. I started rewatching Friday Night Lights from the beginning a couple months ago and I finally finished it yesterday. (This is like the third time I've rewatched the entire series. And people wonder why I'm single...) At the end of the series, literally every single time, I've been nearly hysterically crying. It's just such the perfect ending. UGH. THAT SHOW. Kills me. I love it so much. If you haven't watched it, you're dead to me already. JK, kind of. But you really should watch it. Coach Taylor makes me want to be a better human in every single way. If I turn out to be even semi-successful in life, we should give Coach Taylor like 98% of the credit, God gets 2% and my parents get 0%. Just kidding!!! They can have like 5%.

Oh, also on Sunday I saw Friends With Kids. SO GREAT! Jennifer Westfeldt wrote, directed and starred in the movie. It's about two best friends who decide to have a kid together and share the responsibilities. Of course lots of drama ensues. Adam Scott is in it and he is totally bangin. (Party Down, anyone?) I have so much respect for Jennifer Westfeldt at this moment. The film was beautifully written- so in tune with reality (with the exception of one cab fare scene & the size of Brooklyn apartments.) She just did such a wonderful job of exploring emotions in a realistic way and accurately portraying relationships. Major tear-jerker. I srsly want to see it again already. Go go go see it right now, please!

Anyway, I'll be back this afternoon with a fun vlog from Saturday! Hope you guys had a great weekend!!


  1. i love your little floral print dress. so cute.

  2. Okay, If I didn't think we could be best friends before, it's totally true now. Friday Night Lights is pretty much my favorite thing in the entire world. It's partially because Dillon pretty much exemplifies my hometown and their view of football, but also because I love coach and the wifey more than ANYTHING. Oh and I'm obsessed with Tim Riggins. So happy that you have such good taste :)

  3. so happy i stumbled across your blog today because you are absolutely adorable girl! love all these images. and i always hear such good things about friday night lights. might just have to give it a shot ;)
    xo TJ

  4. I love Friday Night Lights! I have watched the Gilmore Girls series an embarassing amount of times and often think to myself... this is why I am single lol.

  5. I love your dress! I was wondering about Friends with Kids and if it'd be funny or not!


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