Friday, May 11, 2012

Shop Cheeky Cheeky May Update! {Maxi Dress Loving}

So happy to finally have some new vintage awesomeness up at Shop Cheeky Cheeky! I can't get enough of long psychedelic print maxi dresses lately! I want to collect them like those people on My Strange Addiction collect dolls & washing machines and stuff. Okay, maybe I'm not on that level yet, but I'm definitely loving the ones we have listed in the shop right now! With summer coming, my mind is totally focused on all things warm weather related. I pretty much don't wear pants from May- September. Dresses & shorts only, please! I can't wait for 80 degree days spent out in the sun. Summer summer summertime!! {That was an ill-fated Will Smith song reference. Anyone get it? Too bad I can't actually sing to you guys in writing. You're missing out... My stellar vocal stylings are like... amazeballs.} Back to the point here- check out all of the pretty new items in the shop! Hope you love them just as much as Megan & I do!

//// 1-- Mexican Vintage Fringe Top - Size 4 -- $28 ////

We also decided to do something fun for May, since it's the best month of the year and all-- a coupon code for all of you lovely readers of Cheeky Cheeky!!! {In my head right now, there's stadium-like applause happening... I'm such a loser.} For the entire month of May, Cheeky Cheeky blog readers can use coupon code: BLOGLOVE05 for 20% off any Shop Cheeky Cheeky purchase! Who doesn't love a good discount?! Use and abuse it, ladies & germs.


  1. I love that fringe top and maxi dress! If I was a size 0, that maxi dress would be mine. Why are all the cutest vintage clothes so tiny?!

  2. Gah I love that maxi dress! Being a Miami girl, it's actually required by law to wear at least two a week! You should see my closet! So cute!

  3. nice maxi dress!! i never had one!! coz im too tiny..but im challenging myself that i can wear maxi dress 1 day!! kisses lee!!

  4. oh my goooooooood THAT TOP!


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