Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Snapshots {5/14/12}

1/// Posing like a cool kid with my Dad at Catie's birthday dinner on Friday.
2/// David, Catie {the birthday girl- 21!} and mi Madre.
3/// Sometimes Ohio can be pretty. Like really, really. Lighthouses & sunsets.
4/// Lots of margaritas consumed on Friday. Lots. Which led to lots of dancing. SO much fun.
5/// Sisters! Catie & Johanna taking birthday shots :)
6/// Saturday birthday party with Mariah {another birthday girl- 4!} Get a load of her amazing Rapunzel wig! I die. So damn cute!! Who doesn't secretly want to be blonde?
7/// Smiles with Myonnah at her sister's birthday.
8/// Mother's day lunch!
9/// Weekly nails! Silver & purple.
10/// Sunday family walk at the park, breaking in my new shoes.
11/// My Dad & brother, Shane, looking like a fabulous gay couple.
12/// Sunnies with my sister-in-law, Diane.
13/// Looking like a damn Hallmark card with my brother & the puppies.

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PS- In case you guys were wondering, 6 days until my 24th birthday!!!!! When do I have to stop treating my birthday like it's a national holiday... 50?


  1. Your nails looked fab! I did a manicure like that with pink and red a couple weeks ago and totally f'd a few of them up. I need to try again.

    1. I'm the queen of ruining my manis. I have such a hard time sitting still!!

  2. I'd buy that Hallmark card (I may or may not replace the message with bitter old maid bitterness...) I feel like such a tjop for going "awww! that must be the boyfriend" when I saw the picture.

    Love from Jo'burg

    PS: I think your dad is in the top 5 of cool dads on the internet.

    1. hahahaha Older brother not boyf.

      And I might frame this comment and give it to my Dad on Father's Day. He loves hearing that he's cool :)

  3. You look exactly like your Moms!

    1. You just made my life. People always say I look like my Dad, which I never know how to respond to because he's like... a man. So THANK YOU for saying I look like my Madre :)


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