Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Snapshots {5/21/12- Birthday Edition}

1/// Saturday evening birthday celebration & it all started with tequila.
2/// Partners-in-birthday-crime, Adrienne & Amanda
3/// Last photo of me as a wee little 23-year-old
4/// Shots at midnight. Officially entering The Danger Zone.
5/// We're a pretty solid group. Bangs on bangs on bangs.
6/// This is where things get out of hand (awesome)
7/// Photoshoots prompted by "street art"
8/// I'm pretty sure Christian Siriano would call this "fierce."
9/// If I'm told NOT to climb something, what do you think I'm going to do?!
10/// Sunday (my actual birthday) at the Mud Hens game! {We won!}
11/// Adrienne, Me, Johanna. Sweaty & loving it.
13/// My Dad got my name on the Jumbotron for my birthday! 24- HOLLA!

Honestly, 24 has been amazing so far. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday- a weekend full of friends, family, beautiful weather and good times. Legit one of my favorite birthdays. At the last bar we went to on Saturday, Adrienne & Amanda even got the band to sing me happy birthday. LIKE, I'M A BIG DEAL, GUYS!!! NBD. Then I was on the Jumbotron, like all the other famous 9 and 10 year olds in Toledo. I ROLL WITH THE BIG DOGS, OBVI. Seriously, my 24th birthday was just completely wonderful. On other birthdays I've always ended up crying or doing something REALLY stupid, so this year was a nice change of pace for me. No drama, no tears, no vomit, no inappropriate behavior. Does this mean I'm actually growing up?!?!?! Yikes. Maybe not ready for that yet. Still, I think I might be coming around on 24. It's substantial, but not scary age yet where I have to use words like "401k" and stuff. 

Amazing weekend. Thank you to everyone who made it so so so special- especially my parents, Caitlyn {soon to be roommate in LA & sender of amazing My Little Pony themed presents}, Adrienne, Amanda & Johanna. I'm srsly so lucky to have so many awesome humans in my life. Love you all almost as much as I love Ryan Gosling. Like... almost.


  1. Hm. You aren't completely grown up yet, you still climbed on something you were told not to. ;]
    I'm glad you had an awesome birthday. It looks like it was tons of fun.

  2. Yay for 24! I turned 24 last month. It's a pretty darn good age so far. Happy Birthday!

  3. I love your photos!!! Such a cute tat on your arm, too!

    Xoxo, Sarah


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