Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Snapshots {5/7/12}

1/// Driving to Cleveland. Loving the sunshine.
2/// Reunited with my bestie, Brittany. I've missed her SO much.
3/// Cobra Starship at Prom at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
4/// Cleveland is pretty great. First time I've been there since I was a kid.
6/// Sunday night spent watching Tegan & Sara's Get Along on Netflix.

Can I just say- this weekend was pretty much my favorite weekend ever? You're probably wondering what the hell I was doing at  Prom with Cobra Starship. It sounds weirder than it is. I think. So Kiss FM puts on an annual "Rock Your Prom" contest in Cleveland for a high schools in the area- the prize is getting your prom at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with a band performance. This year all the high schools campaigned for Chardon High School, where there had been a shooting a few months ago, to win- and they did! So Chardon got their prom at the Hall of Fame & Cobra Starship performed. Now where do I fit in? Well, Cobra is signed to the label I used to work for in New York. One of my BFFs, Brittany, was flying in to represent the label at the event, and invited me to be her prom date. Obviously, I peed my pants and said yes. I always wanted to go to prom with my BFF, so it was pretty much a dream come true. Being reunited with her after nearly 8 months apart was so incredibly awesome. She's one of my only friends that will have a serious conversation with me about the status of Khloe & Lamar's relationship, and what Scott Disick is doing with his life. Love her for that. (After effect is that I miss her more than ever right now though. Le boo.)

The whole event was amazing. It was actually really nice to be back in an environment I used to call home. Soundcheck, dinner with the band, dancing the night away at prom. Loved it. (I literally jumped up and down when "Call Me Maybe" came on.) Everyone in Cobra are super rad- literally the nicest people ever, and super hilarious. If you've ever met anyone famous or whatever before, you probably know how many of them actually turn out to be assholes. It's fairly common. It really sucks when you meet a band or an artist you love and they just suck major wiener and are just super rude. It's heartbreaking. Cobra was the exact opposite of that. Awesome humans. Oh, and they got me to try this weird sushi with a cooked egg thing on top. I'm not a big sushi person, especially because I'm vegetarian- I usually just get a cucumber roll & an avocado roll. Little did I know there's this whole other world of vegetarian sushi out there that I've never tried. It was surprisingly delicious! 

The best part of the whole night was seeing how extremely happy the Chardon High School students were- they had smiles plastered on their faces. Oh, and the awkward dancing! I have a soft spot in my heart for awkward prom dancing. 

Such a beautiful night.

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  1. Um, dream prom much? Haha. Can I just re-live my high school prom and say I loved this one instead?

  2. I'm so jealous. :]
    Looks like you had an awesome time.

  3. Best prom ever - couldn't have asked for a better piece of arm candy either ;)

  4. Sounds like fun!! I need to take a drive somewhere fun too :)

  5. looks like a fun weekend! your blog is so cute! i love the layout & all the graphics!

    im currently having a Moroccan Oil hair products giveaway! You should check it out if you haven't already!

    xo Kelly


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