Friday, June 8, 2012

Cheeky Nails {Invasion of the Purple People Eaters}

Painting my nails ranks pretty high up on my list of favorite things to do, right behind stalking ex-boyfriends on the internet and putting things I'll never buy in my cart on Amazon. Truly, it's amazing that I'm not married off yet. Anyway, I'm always looking for fun new manicures I can give myself at home, because I'm far too cheap to pay someone to do something I can do myself. As much as I LOVE getting a professional manicure, if I'm spending $12 every week frivolously, it's probably going to be on after-work margaritas. You can't say I'm a girl without priorities! For a while I was just choosing bold colors for my nails, and adding an accent nail in for fun. But recently, I've been stepping up my game in every way possible. New colors added to the collection, new base and top coats, and new stickers to help me fancify my nail designs. Yes, that's right- I'm in the big leagues now. I purchased nail stickers recommended by Kaylah from The Dainty Squid on Ebay. I was a bit (okay, a ton) skeptical when I first ordered them, but I couldn't possibly be more pleased. Long gone are the days of using painter's tape to fudge a design, never quite satisfied with the results. The day these stickers arrived in the mail marked the beginning of my future as a B.A.N.D. (badass nail decorator.) In my head, I'm going to become this fabulously skilled nail decorator, so talented that people will stop and say "OMG, your nails!" when I walk by. Like, that's my dream. Seriously. One day... Anyway, I figured I'd start sharing my attempts at nail super-stardom here on Cheeky Cheeky on a more regular basis.

Truthfully, when painting my nails, the hardest part for me is deciding which of the hundreds of options I'm going to go with- stripes, polka dots, pastels, glitter, etc. I'm an indecisive person by nature so, you can imagine my mini-panic attack every time I try to decide between green with pink polka dots or pink with green polka dots. {BIG world issues going on here, obviously.} This week was a little easier because I knew I wanted to try out one of my new sticker sets. Even still though, it took me forever to pick just one kind out of the pack of nine. I ended up going with the long wave sticker, mainly because I wasn't sure how it would look on my nail and I wanted to see how it would turn out. I figured I'd try it out, and if it sucked, it sucked. Well, suck it did NOT! Placing it horizontally on my nail, I knew the full design on the sticker wouldn't come across, but I'm definitely happy with the result. A perfectly uniform slight curve on every nail. Without my new stickers, I never would have been about to accomplish such a consistent design. Lord knows, my hands shake like an meth addict's on his second day of rehab. Nail stickers are a shaky handed girl's saving grace! Trust me. Worth the investment.

How do we feel about the purples together? I usually try to stick with pairing two matte pastels, or two shiny colors together. But I decided to step out of my comfort zone on this one and mix it up a bit. Some people go out and experiment with drugs, get drunk and sleep with inappropriate people. Me? I paint my nails mismatched colors. SO dangerous. Even though this color combo is not my usual, I am definitely a fan. It's different! I have no doubt, however, that I'll be back to my matte pastels by next week.

PS- Maybe I should have cleaned up my cuticles before this at-home manicure? Ooops! I just hate that part so much! Next time, for sure.

CND- Stickey Base Coat
Essie- Lilacism

1/// One coat base coat. 
2/// Two coats of Esie Lilacism. 
3/// One coat of quick dry. 
4/// Couple hours to let it dry and harden. {I have no life.} 
5/// Place all nail stickers on, pressing firmly. {This is why the first polish needs to be totally dry.}
6/// Two coats of OPI Purple With A Purpose. 
7/// Let the polish dry for a bit and then peel off the sticker.
7/// One coat of quick dry top coat & done!

Happy at-home manicuring, loves!


  1. Ooooh. Your nails look so pretty :]

  2. Ooh, they're very pretty. And where do you live where you can get a manicure for $12? Around here, cheap ones cost $20, so I've never gotten one.

    1. Hahaha in New York manicures are anywhere from $10-15, which is amazing. But here in Ohio, they're mostly between $15-$20, so I hear ya. Usually the places in Ohio that ARE $12 aren't exactly the cleanest or the best. Hence, at home manis!

  3. I kept trying to figure out why I wasn't getting any posts from you in my bloglovin timeline and realized I somehow wasn't following you on there! I was horrified. Thankfully the follow button worked this time.

    Anyway, first of all you are hilarious. And secondly, those nails are amazing. I just painted my nails a basic red and it looks like a preschool art project. Maybe I need to invest in some nail stickers.

    1. Gah, problem solved!!!
      Thanks lady!! I'm with you though- before I clean up the edges of my nails, they look like a 5-year-olds. It's kind of hilarious but also MAJORLY embarrassing.

      PS- I'm a big fan of classic red :)

  4. So gorgeous! I wish I'd read this several hours ago, right before I decided to do my nails. Bummer. Next time!

  5. I always have THE JANKEST nails, but yours look fantastic! I also have to say you were cracking me up from the first line of this, haha--I like the way you think. ;p

    1. Thanks girl!! Mine aren't perfect either though. I HAVE to stop messing with my cuticles.

  6. Hahaaaa can totally rate to putting useless items in the Amazon cart! And the indecisiveness...I spend hours deciding between the stupidest things like nail colours and what time to set my alarm in the morning (7:25....or 7:30...hmmm...) These nails look great though, I don't know why but I always find painting my own nails so theraputic. I'm pretty rubbish at it but still, it's got a weird calming effect!

    From Cupcakes, With Love x

    1. OMG- I am SO guilty of the alarm thing too!! It takes me like 10 minutes every night because I'll change it so many times. I thought it was just me!

  7. i wish i had the patience and talent to do this. ugh. come do my nails. NOWWWWWW


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