Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cheeky Nails {Orange Sherbert}

Another week, another nail design. I'm seriously becoming super addicted to painting my nails with fun colors and designs. Is it weird that I want to classify "painting my nails" as a hobby? I mean, that sounds pathetic. But can we start calling it a hobby? It'll make me feel like I'm actually doing something with my time when I spend hours painstakingly designing my nails. I honestly don't even want to go get a professional manicure anymore because I know how much more fun it is for me to pick out cute designs on my own. {That being said, my cuticle situation is OUT OF CONTROL, so I'm planning on getting a manicure to fix that ASAP.} I used another set of nail stickers for this design, obviously. {Purchased them here.} Best investment of my life. Anyone else buy them and agree? I seriously don't know how I ever painted my nails without them. All in all, I'm really into this manicure. Not to brag but it's the perfect color combination for summer! Okay, that was a total brag. But whatever. I can't get enough of Essie's Tart Deco. It's probably my favorite polish I've ever purchased. It goes with EVERYTHING. One of my favorite pairings is Essie's Tart Deco with Turquoise and Caicos. Expect to be seeing a manicure or two with that color combo very soon. But for now, I'm loving this two tone orange design!

Essie- Tart Deco


  1. Love the colors! Coral is one of my favorites. I really need those nail stickers. Usually I use scotch tape. But you can only do so many things with it..

  2. Such a cute, fun idea for summer! Love the colors you used!

  3. Love this mani!! Totally checking out ebay and obviously going to order some stickers of my own! Thanks for the link :)


  4. Yes yes yes!! I bought them too and am in, painting my nails every other day (if not everyday) obsessed, but nail painting is totally a hobby! Let's call it nail design...that sounds more official as a hobby name, right? I actually have the same stickers as you on my nails right now (letting them dry) your post reminded me I wanted to cover the chips I have on my new holographic nail polish (omg it's the bestttt!) That's my favourite way to use these stickers...once nails start chipping, throw these stickers on with a little paint and they're new again for a few days! I love the colour combo you used here! Let's hangout and have nail painting parties...I want to be your roomate so bad, I KNOW we'd have a killer time!!

  5. This is such a gorgeous design! I'll have to be trying that out soon. Love the colours you used too. XO

  6. Super cute! I think I have that same Essie color :)

  7. ooh pretty design! every time I try to do something like this I fail. like massively fail

  8. That looks so good! I can barely paint my nails one color and it look decent...It's horrible! I clearly don't have the proper technique.
    - Christen :>

  9. Mmmm, they look super! And they are such yummy colours :D

  10. I just bought the Essie Tart Deco this weekend.. it's amazing; perfect for summer.

    I also got Essie Turquoise and Caicos(great minds think alike lol)... it's just as amazing, now I just need to purchase some nail art stickers and I'll have everything I'll need for super fun nails!


  11. This is pretty much my current color combo obsession...I really want to try this out! New nail polish is at the top of my list.

  12. I have Tart Deco on my toesies right now! It's such a cute color. Love the nails, lady!

  13. bahahahaha! It is def. a hobby & not pathetic at all! I personally get super paraoid and embarrassed when my nails are a hot mess, nail polish all chipping and stuff... and when I have my nails DONE DID I be all happy in'shit. Ok enough of my 9AM dialect. ha! But forreal, nails make a difference... recently I got the "no chip" at a salon and my nail polish is barely starting to chip after two weeks... but once its off imma do some fun nail art like you! :)

    1. hahaha gurrrrrrl omg I'm the same way- I don't want to leave the house if my nails are gross. It's bad! I'm definitely going to look into this "no chip" business. Sounds amazing!! I haaaaate nail chips! {But love real life chips.}



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