Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Guest Blog {Amy from Vanagon Champion/// Music Recs}

Guys, get super excited. Today, I have something VERY special for you. On this wonderful day, Amy Morby of Vanagon Champion, one of my absolute favorite bloggers on the interwebz, is guest blogging here on Cheeky Cheeky. I MEAN.... No big deal or anything. If you don't follow her blog, first of all- you're an idiot. But second of all, you totally should. She's a super talented writer/photographer/designer/thrifter/everything else ever & an all around amazing human being. Major love for this girl. & she's guest blogging for me! ZOMG, right?! So instead of reading my typical "I heart reality TV, I'm still single, What is the meaning of life?!" dribble again, you get a day of reprieve, courtesy of Amy. Enjoy it, dudes... because it's back to me tomorrow. Bwahahahaha! (That was supposed to be an evil laugh. Did you get that at all? No?... Okay.)

Well they there, all you Cheeky Cheeky champions! It's Amy here from Vanagon Champion. I'm a raving fan of Carmen and her hilarious antics, and I'm stoked to be here guest posting on what is one of my most favorite blogs of all time.

That all being said, it's time to get serious. Serious about MUSIC, aight? Life without music is pointless, and if you ask anyone that remotely knows me, they'll tell you that I live, breathe, and bleed music. It is my life. I spend every ounce of free time reading about it, listening to it, discovering it, and whatever else you can possibly do with music. It's my jam. And someday I'll figure out a career that lets me do nothing BUT listen to music. When you know what that might be, let me know. I'm on that.

2012 is shaping up to be a pretty good year for music, so today, I'm going to share my summer jams with you! Because sharing my favorite music is what I love to do best.

First up comes from my absolute favorite band ever ever ever. Here We Go Magic. They are my spirit animal. I love them more than life itself. This one's off their new album, Different Ship, which you need to check out immediately. But only after you check out the first album, Pigeons.


Another favorite as of late is Lower Dens. Check out Nootropics if you haven't already!


 And along similar lines, the new Beach House album is to die fooooor.


The lyrics of this song specifically speak to me. Sometimes when you turn 25, you turn into a disillusioned jerk. This song is exactly how I feel lately. Listen and let's all be disillusioned 20-somethings together!


 The Walkmen are always good for a summer jam. They just released their latest at the end of May!


Lastly, a song you can't help but learn all the words to from Dr. Dog. If you haven't listened to their previous album Shame, Shame yet, THEN GET ON IT. The new one is great, too.

I hope you enjoy some of Amy's summer jams. Music is life, you know? What are your summer jams? Let's hear it and start the musical revolution!


  1. Woohoo you are too too kind, dear Carmen! Thanks for letting me post! And for being a badass. :)

  2. Oh what a fun post, I love finding new music!

  3. i love new music, thanks for sharing u both!

  4. I have a pretty enormous sin... The song whistle from Florida is just giving me a really good vibe! Unfortunately I didn't took it literate enough and my boyfriend has been laughing his ass off ever since he told me what it was about... Yet, I'm still a fan :p (This will totally ruin my whole life, damn you internet!)


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