Friday, June 15, 2012

Kicking Summer Off, Midwest Style

Last weekend, my BFF Adrienne and I went on a little adventure to Creque's Greenhouse to pick our own strawberries! It was a total typical "Ohio" experience. To anyone who lives in a big city, picking strawberries probably sounds like some hick activity. Like, who does that? UM, WE DO. I can't even tell you how cool it was. Sure, New York has fancy ass night clubs and all that shit- well, we've got fancy ass farms. CHEYA! Midwest style. {Can you tell I'm totally soaking up all the Midwest goodness I can before I leave?} So when you pull up, they give you strawberry baskets, and you go a-pickin'. Adrienne & I each took two baskets. Some people were out there with like 8 or 10 baskets, but they were making pie or jam or whatever. That is a skill I just don't quite possess yet. We were just doing it for the fun of it. Legit, the place we went was like a 10 minute drive away. SO close. And the strawberries were $1.50 a basket. I mean, hello! Supah cheap!! And WAY better than getting them at the grocery store. They weren't all genetically huge and weird. They were kind of little and tart. Just how I like my men. I mean.... What? Every time I ate one of my hand-picked strawberries, I felt like I had actually accomplished something... and kind of like I was an actual farmer. Like maybe I should be kicked back, beer in hand, with a straw hat atop my head, saying "Ah, all in a days work, my boys!" or something like that. Obviously, I'm delusional. 

The whole day was totally beautiful- sunny skies and not a cloud in sight. We took this gorgeous weather as an opportunity for an impromptu photo shoot. {Taking pictures is so much more fun when it's not me and my tripod!}

This is the field we picked in. Kind of makes you want to break out in song, right? "Strawberry fields foreverrrr...." I couldn't help it. The joke makes itself.

As we were picking, we noticed that across the street there were even more strawberry fields and people picking. This is how my conversation went with Adrienne:

Me: Oh, look- I think we can pick across the street, too!
Adrienne: Oh wow! Look at all of those people picking strawberries! Wait...
Me: What?
Adrienne: Why are they wearing sweatshirts and hats?
Me: And they're all little and tan! Oh my God, I think those are actually migrant workers.
Adrienne: Oh no!
Me: Oh, I feel horrible.
Adrienne: Me too!
Me: I mean, to be fair, they're probably my family. Should I wave?... Eduardo! Pablito! Hola! Como esta Abuelita?

And then God struck me down because I'm such a horrible person. Seriously though, we might have been related. And they definitely were migrant workers. Apparently there are a lot 'round these parts. See, I'm allowed to make fun of them because I AM one of them. Get it? Being Mexican has its perks. Okay, it has ONE perk. I'm horribly offensive, I know. But I'M MEXICAN- at least let me have this ONE LITTLE JOY!!!!

Dudes, I can't wait to go back. I have a feeling I'm going to be spending a lot of time strawberry/raspberry/any kind of berry picking this summer. Anybody else have their own adventures in fruit picking? If you haven't been yet, you should totally look into places in your area. It's the perfect summer activity!

*This post has been brought to you by the Strawberry Farmers of America Association & The Migrant Workers of Mexico Coalition*

Just kidding!!!! I just really like strawberries & all things summer. Also, I don't think the hypothetical SFAA would appreciate me likening myself to a farmer with a straw hat. And the fictional MWC wouldn't take kindly to my jokes about my kinfolk. At least I make myself giggle. That's all that matters, right?... No? Oy. Point being- this weekend, get in your car & drive until you hit a berry farm. You'll have a blast.


  1. oh Carmen I'm Mexican too & I feel kind of bad when i see all our people in this situation, but hey u where doing just the same "hand picking strawberries" but you were paying instead of being payed

    1. I know what you mean- I felt bad, too! It's weird- even if I'm not ACTUALLY related, I still feel like they're in some way my family. Does that sound crazy? Probably haha

  2. Pretty funny post. I like how you made the situation more light-hearted than it truly is. Sometimes, you need that sort of mentality.

    I live near the border of Mexico so I see illegal immigrants all the time. Being Mexican myself and having a freelance cleaning business, my biggest competition are women who come from Mexico illegally. Their lifestyle is so poor and mediocre that they'll charge less than me. So sometimes, the people I work for will try to degrade me and pay me less, because they know they can find another "cleaning lady" who won't complain. Ugh, it gives me angry chills. No person should ever be exploited and mistreated like that just for not having the correct papers.

  3. Girl, you get my favorite person of the day award! Thank you for taking this in the spirit it was meant!!! Srsly. Thank you for getting it, because I'm sure a lot of people won't.

    I can see why you would be frustrated by that situation. It would piss me off for sure. I feel bad for them, but at the same time, wish there was some way they could go about things in a way that is actually legal. I respect them for trying to better their lives, but it does make me sad, especially when it takes away from someone like you, who is just trying to make a living by the books.

  4. Ugh, you're hilarious. It's a sad situation but you making it light makes it better.. although I wish things were better.
    I am not a fan of strawberries, but I'll admit it looeks like fun and those strawberries look good.

  5. I love strawberries and I think it would be tons of fun to go pick them myself!
    As for the Mexican situation, It's a terrible subject, but think they have a choice to work there. If they really didn't like it, they would look for a new job. They could become a citizen and be treated like everyone else. There are tons of legal Mexicans who aren't treated poorly. Just my opinion -shrugs-

  6. I like your strawberry pickin' shirt! The pictures look great too :)

  7. I've been really wanting to do some strawberry picking. My little sister is lucky because she has a patch right in her backyard. She doesn't have to go far for fresh strawberries. :)

  8. Hahaha that sounds like so much fun. Living in the midwest does have some good things about it. Though I'm not sure if there are any strawberry fields near here :(

  9. the midwest experience is one i love to soak in. especially small town style! xo j

  10. who cares about being incredibly offensive? It really IS the perk of being whatever culture we are. For instance, I get to talk about crazy redneck white folks, ingenious mexicans and firewater drinking-peace pipe smoking native americans, and still root for Spain when it comes to soccer. It's whats fun about being a particular culture. Oh hell, who am I kidding, it's just plain fun to be offensive.

  11. Strawberry picking sounds so fun!
    Great photos, newest follower here.

  12. love these pictures! im a new follower too!

  13. We were just at the Strawberry farm as well... yummy!!! Great shots & love your strawberry complimentary outfit! Come see post here:

  14. Those strawberries look soo good!

  15. The strawberries look so good! I love your photography and how you edit them!

  16. Those strawberries look so pretty! AH! What a fun place.

  17. My knitting group is trying to find a place for us to go get berries (we're all vegan and want a place that doens't also raise animals). We live in the city and do NOT think it's a hick thing to do! (Ok, I'm really a small town girl who used to pick wild strawberries in my back yard, but most of the other girls aren't!)


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