Thursday, June 21, 2012

Marietta, OH/// {The B&B Breakfasts}

Last week, I shared some snapshots of the GORGEOUS Bed & Breakfast I stayed at in Marietta, Ohio a couple weekends ago.  This week, I'm sharing the best part of all- THE FOOD! At The House on Harmar Hill, Judy took her breakfasts very seriously. Which is to say, they were extremely delicious and if I lived there, I would weigh a million pounds. No joke, I could eat this woman's cooking until the day I die. Every time she set food down in front of me, this is EXACTLY what I looked like. No shame in my game. Not only was her food bangin', but the presentation was flawless. It was all very shi shi shi {Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reference.} Just take a look for yourself.

DAY 1:

Parfaits, scones & German pancakes. Literally the perfect breakfast. Sweet from beginning to end. {Meat eaters had a side of sausage.}

DAY 2:

Pear salad/syrup thing, sticky buns, Western Frittata with sauteed mushrooms. Probably the healthier of the two breakfasts, and equally as yummy. Surprisingly, it was the first time I've ever tasted sticky buns. Um, let me tell you- it was love at first yum.

Do my Mom & I have the same feet or what?

The entire trip to Marietta was truly unforgettable, and only made better by our stay at the B&B. Next time you go on vacay, I highly suggest looking into a B&B instead of a hotel. It just has that homey feel that you sometimes miss when you're not sleeping in your own bed. I can't wait to take another trip to Marietta and stay with Judy at The House on Harmar Hill again! I will probably gain another five pounds from her cooking, but it will be well worth it. I never thought I'd be thinking of Southern Ohio as one of my favorite vacation spots, but somehow I am. I mean, I feel like Ohio should PAY me for saying things like that. Unfortunately for my bank balance, they don't have to pay me because it really is true! Can't wait to go back :)


  1. Those sticky buns and german pancakes look mouth watering!

  2. This inspired me to go make breakfast. [And you've convinced me to visit Ohio! I'll tell them to make you a spokesperson ;) ]

  3. OMG that food is so fancy and amazing looking! That thing with the tomato on it looks super good!

  4. You crack me up! That place really does look amazing. You've definitely got me wanting to go!
    - Christen :>

  5. I want the German pancakes! Your blog is adorable I added your button to my page!

  6. That food looks so amazingly delicious. I'm drooling.

  7. That food looks so good. That place reminds me of something from Anne of Green Gables and looks like they would have a fancy tea party there haha


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