Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight {Arielle from Humble Pie Vintage}

I love love love Arielle and her blog, Humble Pie Vintage SO MUCH! She's such a sweet person and her blog brings me nothing but smiles. She posts such creative content and always leaves the cutest, most thoughtful comments. Arielle is just plain and simple good people & good vibes. So happy to have her as a sponsor this month!!! I know you guys will love her just as much as I do :)

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself: Hey! My name is Arielle. I'm 22 years old and I live in Louisiana with my sidekick pup, Chi-Chi! I love thrifting, musicals, SNL, Victorian architecture, historical documentaries, and I've been in love with Steve Martin since I was eight. I try to only wear second-hand, my house is full of vintage goodies, and I have a serious ice cream addiction. I love thunderstorms and a good book, I'm superstitious, I hate coffee, and my dream is to be on The Price is Right.

2. How & why did you get your blog started? I had been reading blogs for years and I started wondering what I would want my blog to look like visually if I was to have one. Then, I decided I wanted one so I worked on designing one. The name "Humble Pie Vintage" actually came to me after I was watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I figured for it to pop into my head like that it was meant to be.

3. What's your favorite thing about summer? My favorite thing about summer would have to be the nostalgia it triggers. Whenever the heat is unbearable and you're outside for so long you start to feel delusional, it kind of reminds me of when I was a kid and I would take advantage of those summer days and play outside from dawn till dusk. The flowers that bloom, the smell of grass and barbecue, popsicles, things like that.

4. Who is your biggest inspiration? I've always been inspired by Shirley Temple but my biggest inspiration would have to be my grandma. She's the perfect example of a lady. She's classy and funny and really has a love for life. She's the kindest lady I know and she just made me the lady I am and set a great example for me.

5. Blogs you're loving currently? There's sooo many blogs I read daily (Cheeky Cheeky, of course!), but some of my recent favorites are:
Here's lookin at me kid
I know, right?
Empire of Kitsch
Green Eggs and Hamm
Shy Scout

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years, I'd like to be living in a little town off the Oregon coast. I want rain and rocky beaches real bad.

Lighting Round is a new Sponsor Spotlight feature! I wanted quick answers to the important questions, obviously. Priorities, people! Now you know!! Team Eric all the way. Visit Arielle's blog, Humble Pie Vintage, for some giggles & lots of thrifted goodness!


  1. Arielle is my favorite! Love her and this post! <3

  2. Arielle is number one! Love her.. I'm kind of sad I'm not mentioned on her favorites though...lol Actually..I'm not.. Those are some good blogs right there!

    Janette, the Jongleur

    PS> I'm down to be BFFs (per about you section). What's your favorite color? haha!

    PPS>Following you now! FYI

  3. Oh yay! Heading over to become a new follower! Arielle is awesomeness!

    Christen :>

  4. YAY! I adore Arielle. She is such an awesome lady. Love her!

  5. This just made me ♥ Arielle even more :] I love getting to know more about my blogging buds. I would love to be on The Price is Right too!!! Tehehe. Also, thank you so much Arielle for #5, that really made my day!! Aaand I am so with her on each of the lightning round questions (minus 6 - but that is only because I don't have cable).

  6. Such a good feature! It's fun to learn even more about favorite bloggers :)

  7. man, arielle. you're the coolest. let's go on an ice cream date. everyone's invited.


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