Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weekend Snapshots {6/6/12}

1/// Saturday at the Old West End Festival in Downtown Toledo, I met the love of my life in the form of a potbelly pig. His name was Neti Pot. Basically, I need to own a pig at some point in my life.
2/// Amanda & Chelsea are the OWE's newest residents. Their apartment (and porch) are amazing.
3/// Old West End Festival Parade! I love when people throw candy out at the crowd. It makes me feel like I'm 5-years-old again.
4/// Saturday night festivities on Amanda & Chelsea's porch with Adrienne. {I think this is just after we FINALLY figured out how to play "Double Double This This"}
5/// Sunday mini-vacation to Marietta, Ohio. Krissy, Susie & Mommy in the Lafayette Hotel public bathroom. Pretty, huh?
6/// Adventuring in Marietta, we found a doll nursery. Not pictured is the doll hospital. Apparently people find them creepy. Whatevs! My Mom and I are both kind of obsessed with them.
7/// Only my family would buy Disney Princess cups to drink sangria out of.
8/// Scenes from the Bed & Breakfast we stayed at in Marietta.
9/// Wanted to steal that dress from the B&B SO bad
10/// Goodbye, Marietta. Headed for Toledo.

Happy Wednesday, dudes! This is definitely the latest I've ever posted Weekend Snapshots, but I have a good reason, I promise. Saturday I was out and about all day at the Old West End Festival, which was what some might call a "blasty blast." Just lots of young, interesting people, congregated together, drinking on porches and making new friends. This was quickly followed by me being picked up from downtown at 6AM by my Mom & her best friend, Susie, to drive down to Marietta, Ohio to visit Susie's daughter, Krissy. NOT throwing up on the four hour car ride down there will likely go down as one of my greatest accomplishments in my life. And proudly, at that. We were originally only going to stay in Marietta until Monday night, but extended our trip until Tuesday night because we were having such an amazing time. The only downside was that the B&B we stayed at didn't really have working internet, ergo no blogging. Apparently the internet "worked in certain rooms," but I mean whatever. It's 2012. My router in New York had like a 5 block radius. Come on, now. 

I have a whole post coming up with lots of pictures & whatnot from the whole mini-vacay. Overall the trip was really really really really amazing, especially the B&B. The decor of the whole place was INSANE. So so so pretty. And even though I didn't have the internet for a couple days, it was actually kind of nice. As I see myself typing that, I can't even believe it. Oh, and we didn't have TV either. Like, parallel universe shit going on. Me, living for even a day without TV and internet?... And not killing someone?!?!?! I know, guys. Life is weird sometimes. Anyway, I'll go into more detail about the whole trip in a separate post. But suffice it to say, I got home last night, watched two episodes of Sister Wives, then blogged/caught up on emails while listening to Good Old War and then watched Dawson's Creek until going to bed. Basically, I indulged in every form of TV & internet goodness possible. I'm not ACTUALLY a person who could go without TV or internet for any longer than two days. Yes, I'm pathetically tethered to my laptop and all other technologies I own. WHATEVER. Now that I'm back in the land of wireless internet, I will be resuming regularly scheduled blogging. I know you guys were like SUPER freaked out by my absence. It's cool. You can rest easy now.

Hope you're all having a wonderful week full of lots of internet surfing (porn) and TV watching (Lifetime movie marathons.) 


  1. awwww!! neti pot is sooooo adorable!!!!



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