Friday, July 20, 2012

A Cruiser Bike For The Madre

Hi friends! Happy Friday!! Just popping by to share some quick photos. Last week for my Mom's birthday, my Dad and I got her a cruiser bike! I secretly wanted to keep it for myself, because I'm awesome and selfish like that, but seeing her face light up when we brought out was totally worth it. She's OBSESSED with it! {Yes, we gave it to her when she was already in her jimmer jammers, hence the outfit.} I love these photos I snapped of her that night. She looks so happy!! {The streamers were, of course, my idea. What good is a bike without streamers?! I'm definitely getting a bike in LA with streamers... and a bell... and a basket... and a mini radio. Ahhh, I can't wait!} Also, in case you're wondering- I wasn't adopted, even though my Mom and I look NOTHING alike. My brothers tried to convince me otherwise when I was a kiddo, but my Mom has assured me that I'm 100% hers, despite our disparate appearances. Crazy business.

I'm off to spend the day with my Madre. We're heading up to Ann Arbor for the Annual Art Fair and enjoying a summer Friday off of work. I love spending days with my Mom. She's my perma-BFF. Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!!


  1. It looks like she loved it!
    where did you get it?

  2. Aww! Your mama is one pretty lady! I'm in love with that bike. I've been dying to buy one for when I leave for college (next month!) Haha I think streamers will be a must for me, too!
    xo Heather

  3. This was ADORABLE! She look so happy!

  4. For the record, you do look like your momma in the face. I noticed that in the first picture. I knew it was your mom by the title, but it could have been you with blonde hair when you were older!


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