Monday, July 16, 2012

Bunbury Music Festival Roundup

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What a weekend! If you follow me in Instagram, you already saw all of the festival awesomeness. {Including my soon-to-be husband, sporting that KILLER t-shirt!} If you don't, then let me fill you in: this Saturday, my Ohio favorites- Adrienne, Chelsea and Amanada- and I drove down to Cincinnati for the first annual Bunbury Music Festival! See? Ohio can be cool!!! The festival was Friday, Saturday & Sunday, but we only went on Saturday. It was honestly the perfect amount of time- enough to see our favorite bands and scream "WOO HOOOO!" at least 30 times, but not to the point where we wanted to die because of the humidity. I used to go to shows almost every night of the week, so I've definitely been missing that aspect of my life while in Ohio. Bunbury more than made up for what I've been missing. It was like someone sat down and said "What bands would Carmen really like to see? Okay, let's book ALL of those bands!!!" Here's who we saw:

These homeboys were on right when we got there. Thoroughly entertaining & fun. We ended up sitting on some gigantic steps {pictured above} and listening to them while gazing across the river at Kentucky. {The geography of Ohio is mad weird.}

Holy crap balls. These guys. I was legit blown away by this band. I was NOT expecting them to be so awesome live. They performed their asses off & looked like they were having a blast the entire time. {And I wasn't even that pissed of that it was raining during their set.} I had no idea they had so many good songs. Currently listening to them on repeat on Spotify.

Manchester never disappoints. I've seen them twice before and I fall more in love with them every single time I see them. Andy Hull got mad skinny, and is just a little burst of energy now. Also, I like kind of want to make out with him. But that's NBD. This band never ceases to make me feel all sorts of emotions. I like partially wanted to cry, but then also maybe kick something, and then hug the nearest stranger. That's normal, right? Their songs are just so totally raw. Seeing them live is a must!

---Dan Deacon---
On the reals, we only watched a little bit of his set from afar because we were eating dinner, but OMG. He had the audience doing all kinds of crazy shit. I've seen him once before and this was like what I saw x100. He had everyone running around in a circle for one song, and then creating a giant human tunnel for another song. It honestly looked like the most fun ever. {As we sat, off in the distance, eating pizza.}

 UGH, Brian Fallon & the rest of the Gaslight dudes kill me. SO talented! I've only seen them once before and this, for me at least, was WAY better, even though they were pretty rad the first time. Nothing can really compare to seeing a band play outside, with the sun setting, and hundreds of fans chanting the lyrics. Can't wait for their new record to come out! {NEXT WEEK!!!!}

OMGOMGOMGOMG. Grouplove. By far my favorite of the day. I've seen them at least 7 times before, and this was DEFINITELY the most fun show I've seen them put on. I was lucky enough to get to work with them during my music industry dazeee in New York, & I'm SO impressed by how much they've grown, and how tight their sound is now. Watching them on-stage was magical. It was like being punched in the face by a unicorn, and liking it. Ya know? That thing that people talk about- that little x-factor that all successful musicians/bands have- this band is the absolute personification of that. We all danced and sang our way through the entire set. It was one giant lovefest.

We closed the day out with America's Sweethearts, Weezer. The other time I saw them was at Bamboozle a couple of years ago, and this ranked right up there with that performance. There's just something about screaming "God damn you half Japanese girls!" with hundreds of strangers that's just good for the soul. {If you're not familiar with Weezer, those are lyrics from their song "El Scorcho." I'm not just like, being really offensive. If I was going to be offensive, it probably wouldn't have anything to do with half Japanese girls, because like, they've never done anything to me.} We all lost our shit when they introduced Scott Shriner, who is a Toledo native. {419, holla!} Midwest pride is the best. Weezer is just such a fun band- you forget how many hit songs they've had until they play them all back to back. LOVE.

Bunbury- you sure do know how to show a girl a good time! If I wasn't LA bound at the end of the summer, I would most definitely be planning on going again next year. SO much fun. And for those of you who are terrified of porta potties just like me, you'll be happy to know that they were cleaned out mid-day! Gotta love a festival that remembers the important things!! Also, a HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to my friend, Ashley, for getting us on the list. In the immortal words of Drake, youda fucking best.


  1. Aw, too bad you didn't make it on Friday! My partner's band, The Minor Leagues, played that night. I missed all of the fun since I worked this weekend. Maybe I'll make it there next year??

  2. I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Also, you look adorable.)

  3. sounds wonderful! I would love to see Weezer and Gaslight someday

  4. Looks like you had a blast! Such fun pictures :)

  5. You were in my city and didn't tell me?? BOOOOOO. Glad you had a wonderful time though! Ohio will be missing you when you move!


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