Wednesday, July 18, 2012


{I figured titling this post "HELP!!!!!" would make you guys think my life is in danger or something, thus causing you to click and read. Don't worry though- IT'S A TRAP! For future reference, if my life is in danger, I'd probs just tweet about it sarcastically or something.}

My HYSTERICAL friends, Amelita and Sarah, are making a movie!!!! It's called The List and it is probably going to be so funny that I pee my pants laughing the first time I watch it. Totally okay with that! Peeing is the sincerest form of flattery in comedy, ya know? Given the fact that all of my friends and I just finished college and AREN'T millionaires {GASP!}, Amelita and Sarah need help funding this hilarious masterpiece. Like any smart indie filmmakers would, they've started an Indiegogo! For those of you who aren't familiar with Indiegogo- the website allows normal folk {like you & me} to donate money to projects and receive perks in return. For example, if you donate $4,000 to The List, Amelita will name her next pet after you!!!! {If you know Amelita at all, you know this is a pretty big deal. Like a regular person naming a baby. Or a stoner naming a new strain of cannabis.} The other perks are pretty rad, too. So if you've got some extra dinero burning a hole in your pocket, donate it to my lovely friends and their hilarious movie- The List. PLZZZZ! It'll be worth it when they release their movie and become super famous.

Thanks friends!!!

{Also, thank you for all the sweet comments on yesterday's post! I feel, like, REALLY pretty right now... even though I'm wearing an over-sized hoodie and jeans that I haven't washed in two weeks.}

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  1. Oh my god hahahaa! I have no money to contribute but I thoroughly enjoy your friends' hilarity! I'll be waiting for more!


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