Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Michigan: Beaches & Sailboats

{You have NO idea how hard it was for me to not make the title of this post "Life's A Beach" and then LOL to myself. But I didn't, because I respect you guys too much to put you through that.}

Exciting Ohio/Michigan discovery: we have beaches! Real ones, with sand and water and stuff!! I know- I was shocked, too. A couple weeks ago, my friend Adrienne {of strawberry fame} invited me & our friend Chelsea to go for a little outing on her Dad's boat. We, of course, jumped at the chance. I've only been on a sailboat one other time in my life and I was really young, so I barely remember it- plus, I got seasick, so it was kind of the worst. I popped some Dramamine before this excursion, so I was in the clear. Thank God.

After a short drive up into Michigan, we were ready for sailing. But not before an impromptu photo shoot. I certainly was NOT expecting to see a beach. It's just not what you ever see when you're in Michigan. I mean, what the hell, right?! I literally screamed when I saw it. It's just been SO long since I've seen a beach. They're kind of my favorite things ever, so I was understandably stoked. It wasn't smooth sand like a fancy beach in Mexico, but it was gorgeous nonetheless. As I was gazing out along Lake Erie, my eye caught on something in the distance... A nuclear power plant. Yep. Good old Lake Erie, you old so and so. Even still, we'll take what we can get 'round these parts. A nuclear power plant off in the distance? Pshh, I don't care. I've got sand, water, birds flying at me, and sunshine. Good enough for me. {Also, screw George Bush for making me constantly question if I'm saying "nuclear" correctly. DAMN YOU!!!}

As for the sailing- I had a blast, although I was semi-terrified at least 85% of the time. I never actually felt like my life was in danger, but it's just the overwhelming inability to walk normal or even stand without wobbling that got me. I think it's the sort of thing that I'd get better at with practice. Definitely down for some more boat adventures in the future. Especially so that I can actually know what I'm saying when I yelling things out like "MAN THE JIB!" "BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES!" and "RELEASE THE MAINSAIL!" {Even though I don't know what those mean, I sound cool, right?}

Adrienne, Me & Chelsea post-sailing adventure. Slightly windblown. {If we were coming out as a thruple, this would totally be the photo for our "coming out" card. Right?! But we're not a thruple, so NVM. LAME.} Photo cred: Adrienne's Dad. HOLLA!

If I were a person who framed photos, this one would be sitting on my proverbial mantel. {I'm a fauxdult, I don't have a fucking mantel.} Maybe I should look into getting some pictures developed, though. Ohio memories and whatnot. This photo would definitely make the cut. FRANDZ!!!!


  1. Life's A Beach. Bwhahahahahahahahhahahahahaha. Oh I thoroughly enjoy that one! Thanks for the morning smile. : )

  2. I totally would have supported the "Life is a Beach" title!

    I'm just popping in to let you know that I've nominated you for a blogging award and you can find the details at this post: http://midwestisforlovers.blogspot.com/2012/07/my-very-first-blogging-award.html

    I hope you have as much fun with it as I did!!

  3. These photos are absolutely beautiful!

  4. Oh my gosh, looks like so much fun. Beautiful pictures!

  5. Awesome! It looks like fun and I love the photos!


  6. This sounds like an awesome day! I found your blog through Alexandra's and I am dying because you are seriously hilarious.

  7. You're so pretty omg I can't even deal

  8. LOVE your blog! So glad I found it; I love how you write you're hilarious! Great photos by the way, looks like you had a fun day!


  9. Love the photos. I don't think I've ever been on a sailboat but it sounds fun. You're incredibly gorgeous btw!


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