Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight {Naimah from DMae Clothing}

Happy Tuesday, friends! I can't believe it's almost August. That means there's a month until I'll be in LA. How did that happen? And more importantly, where did the summer go? Today I'm featuring one of my lovely sponsors, Naimah. {How pretty is that name? Kind of obsessed.} She runs the greatest creative shop & blog. She's a majorly talented lady!
1. Tell us a little bit about yourselfMy name is Naimah (n-eye-ee-muh) like the song, but that's not where my mom found my name. I'm 28, from a small town in New Jersey that's about 20 min from Philly. I love tea, cats, beards, watching creative folks work their magic, writing, laughter, and Cheeky Cheeky.

2. How did you get your blog/company started? DMae started out as a hobby without a name, I'd paint tees and totes as gifts for friends. I just kept it up for a few years not thinking anything would come of it, a friend of a friend then asked that I do a batch for his boutique. I got a few custom jobs as it started to sell out in-store, and that's when I started to think I could really make something of it. After taking two Indie Biz courses I began to focus on the blog side of it, to tell my story as a new business owner, and just my life in general.

3. What was the biggest obstacle in starting your company & how did you overcome it? I think the biggest obstacle was/is myself. There are times where I think I just can't do it, and I have to remind myself that owning your own business at 28, having built it from Sharpies and Hanes tees, to it being an official business is a big big deal. It's all mine and it's what I make of it. I do all I can to keep motivated, and know that it will all pay off when it's meant to.

4. Who or what is your biggest inspiration? My company is named after my MomMom Dora-Mae Holmes, she was my biggest cheerleader , and helped raise me. Without her kind heart, and massive love for me..i don't know where I'd be.

5. Blogs you're loving currently? Cheeky Cheeky... seriously I read it as often as I can. Brunch In April, Bird Trouble, Honeybee In The City, Pajamie, and I Rock So What ...those are my daily reads.

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Running DMae full-time, expanding my brand, maybe a kids line there are so many munchkins in my life right now I just want to make them something special all the time.

And now, everyone's favorite part.....


  1. I really love the Lightning Round questions btw! And these designs are amazing too!! And yeah, that's an amazing feat to have just started with sharpies and created an official business! Don't forget that!


  2. What a great feature. She's so talented!


  3. Those lightning round questions are the best thing ever!


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