Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Toledo Zoo Commercial {Featuring Some Familiar Faces}

Few things make me happier than this video. I could watch it on repeat all day long. I constantly find myself singing "I love my zoo, I love my zoo" to myself... Loser status. 

A couple months ago, my Dad and Miyonnah filmed a commercial for the Toledo Zoo. Like, I don't want to brag, but I know celebrities now, guys. Shi shi shi! We got hooked up with the opportunity through our family friend, Molly, which is pretty much the most fun loving,/awesome human ever. My parents and I, along with Miyonnah, Mariah, Lamarion, their little sister Ro Ro and their amazing parents got to spend the whole day together during the filming. BEST DAY EVER! Lots of little kiddos AND animals? Please! Doesn't get much better than that. I spent the day ran around the zoo playing with kiddos, gawking at animals saying stuff like "EW, LOOK! THAT ELEPHANT IS POOPING!" Meanwhile, my Dad & Miyonnah worked their little butts off! I can't believe how great the commercial turned out. Miyonnah is just so freaking cute, I can barely stand it. She was SO professional the whole time. All business, ready to work, and never complained. It was adorable- she kept track of what they were doing the whole time. "Okay, we have five more, and then I can go see the animals." {Meaning, they had 5 more shots to get.} My Mom and I stood behind the camera yelling "BIG SMILE! BIG SMILE!" at her like complete idiots. {Maybe I'm secretly destined to be a Pageant Mom. OMG. Prepare yourselves.}

Anyway, the whole experience was amazing, and now we get to watch the fruits of their labor over and over and over again! Miyonnah looks SO beautiful in the commercial! My Dad isn't half bad either, I guess. Now he's our family celeb! Don't let it go to your head, Dad!! {In case you're wondering, that's not actually my Dad's voice. Sorry to ruin the TV magic. It's actually REALLY disorienting to hear. I want to yell at the screen "HEY, YOU'RE NOT MY DAD!" But that would make me crazy.}

Srsly, the excitement I feel over this 30 second commercial makes me wonder how like Ben Affleck's parents or whoever even handle their lives. Like, I would just be running around yelling "OMG I'M BEN AFFLECK'S MOM! DID YOU SEE THE TRAILER FOR ARGO YET?! HOW CUTE IS MY LITTLE BOY? ALL GROWNS UP!!!!" Okay, I probably need therapy or something.


  1. Super cute! Now it's not you. "I love my zoo.... I love my zoo" is actually pretty catchy. So much so that now I'm doing it too, and I don't even live there!

  2. CUTE! I love it. They did a really great job ;)

  3. I read your post 3 times. I love it! Thanks for all of your patience and help that day. Your family totally deserves to be famous, even if it is only for :30 in the Toledo market.


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