Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What I Wore: Jailbird Stripes

I love this dress. Even though horizontal stripes are supposed to be super unflattering and all that jazz, I actually think the opposite is true with this dress. It's become my summer favorite & I wear it to work entirely too often. If I wasn't heading into the office when these photos were taken, I would have definitely added some bright red lipstick for even more of a red punch. But I'm already rockin' visible tattoos- don't want to shock everyone out of their seats with bright red lipstick, too.

I've been noticing more and more that in the summertime I tend to stick to basic outfits sans layers or accessories. When it's 100 degrees outside, the last thing I want to do is put on more clothing. Truth is, if I could walk around in boy shorts & a tank top everyday, I would. Those girls who don't sweat in the summertime? Yeah, they're freaks. That's not me. I LOVE the heat, and actually prefer extreme heat to almost any other kind of weather. But it makes me want to run through the sprinkler and eat popsicles, not get all cute with fancy bangles and heels. So simple it is. I'm a summertime girl, for sure- just give me a water source & a serious lack of clothing and I'm set. {Hence the fact that this skirt is entirely too short to be wearing in an office. My excuse? "Guys, it's like REALLY hot out." and then I proceed to make fun of the people wearing pants.}

{outfit details: dress & belt- forever 21; shoes- thrifted} 


  1. Ohh you cutie you. I have an undeniable girl crush and I'm not afraid to say it.
    I's gots loves for yo' tree tattoo, too.

  2. Obviously horizontal stripes being unflattering just doesn't apply to you because you look HOT! Haha ;) Seriously though, I love tis dress on you. It would be so fantastic with some red lips! I would almost try a red belt, too.
    xo Heather

  3. That dress looks great on you! The horizontal stripes rule apparently doesn't matter for such cuties. I am totally with you on the minimal clothes for summer! I usually have a cardigan to wear IN the office, but when I'm outside I feel so much better with just a simple dress or skirt and sandals.

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  5. Found you on Chelsea Lauren's blog and saw you're from Ohio, and I love finding Ohio bloggers!

    You're absolutely too adorable, you'd look lovely in red lipstick!!
    I'm a big fan of hot weather too (we rarely get crazy hot weather like this here!) It IS the best excuse for wearing skirts and dresses!

  6. I completely agree about the heat. Summer is my favorite time of year, but wearing lots of complicated outfits and accessories just doesn't work for me. Give me a simple dress and sandals and I'm good to go.

  7. I LOVE this dress, and it looks darling on you! :) I'd wear it every day, too! xo

  8. You look great! I love your hair too

  9. The fit of this dress is perfect and so flattering on you and I love the cute bun too! I've been known to wear short dresses that cut it close, but my rule is, if it's longer than your finger tips, you're all good. ;)

  10. That outfit looks so flattering on you! I can totally understand the aversion to extra layers in the heat, though I'm much more of a spring/fall gal.

  11. That dress is soooo cute and super flattering! You look great!

  12. That dress looks absoultely perfect on you. I have a feeling ruche are selling the exact same dress as I was just looking at buying it in red. But seriously, so many people have said that horizontal stripes are unflattering and they hardly ever are. Plus, not too be too over the top lesbian stalkerish, but you are absolutely gorgeous and are skinny but not in a bad way, in a athleticish way (I hope im not insulting you as I am intending to compliment).

    ALSO, is that a tattoo of Kurt Cobain on your arm?? I can't believe I have never noticed that before. I LOVE IT. AND HIM. AND NOW YOU EVEN MORE SO.

    Anywho, :)
    XO Samantha

  13. You look adorable! I loooove stripes!!!

  14. i have to dress in mad layers in the summer. in the office, it's frigid. outside, it's too hot. most of my outfits feel super simple because i can wear a dress then accessories on a day when i'm not in the office. fortunately, it has been normalizing here to a temperature where stepping outside doesn't make me feel like i jumped into a pool.

    plus i love this dress. it's super flattering on you. it's like the perfect cut. and really, a good fitting dress is all you need on hot summer days.

  15. Cutest Jailbird Ever.

    P.S. I love your hair!

  16. That is super cute, I love it - and so are you!

    I don't think I could pull off the horizontal stripes though...but it looks great on you!


  17. Love your dress, and also your Kurt Cobain tattoo! It's gorgeous! Love love love.

  18. LOVE!!!
    You are so cute and I agree! I like to keep it real basic in the summer too, flats, sandals, tanks & shorts. I can't do all the cuteness either in 100degree weather. :)

    love this shots and I am so curious about the zillion bikes+bicycle wheels in the window behind you.... s'plain! :)


  19. Very cute outfit! Love it x Cute tattoos as well.. and definitely agree about those girls that claim they don't sweat. Crazy! x

    Rose Eva


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