Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Return of Pop Music

You guys, I don't know if you've been on the internet lately and/or listening to the radio- but some awesome stuff is going on. Like, REALLY awesome. Remember when we were little and every new boy band that came out was like "OMG THE BEST THING EVER!" and we were at least a little obsessed with them all? Even though 98 Degrees was always kind of lame and we all knew it, we still respected them as part of the whole boy band phenomenon and most of us could still, to this day, sing the shit out of "Because Of You." {Don't even get me started on the boy bands I actually loved. O-Town, BSB, LFO!? Holy shit.} That was the golden age of pop music. Boy bands, Spice Girls, Britney, all of that greatness. It was a simple time- music was appreciated simply because it was catchy and we all really just wanted to grow up to be Britney Spears and marry Justin Timberlake. {Still kind of sad they broke up. No lie.} But then, we stopped being tweens, and decided to actually give a shit about "decent" music. Those of us who claim to have good taste in music took time to discover punk rock, grunge, and all things Sup Pop. But, GUYS- you'll never believe what's happened. I'm pretty sure my greatest wish in the world has come true- POP MUSIC IS BACK. Which is to say, I think we're all finally old enough and cool enough to embrace pop music again. Because, really, this shit is great.

I don't know how it happened or why, but I'm so happy that it did. I'm not about to jump on the boy band train again, because like, ew. I'm 24 and that might make me a big creep. But there are so many great female fronted pop songs out right now. And not just like they're like pop songs that you hear and you're like "Okay, great song. I could go like at least a day without hearing that again." NO. These are songs that make you say "OMG. HIT REPEAT. PLAY IT AGAIN, RIGHT NOW! IS THERE A BUTTON THAT CAN MAKE THIS SONG JUST PLAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE?!" Seriously. These rival the likes of Britney and Christina. They're that good.

Something about these songs, man. They're insidious. Once I listened to "Want U Back" by Cher Lloyd, I wanted to listen again at least another 3 times, right away. Then the next day, it's 10 times. And before I knew it, I was just playing the same song over and over again all day until my friends refused to hang out with me anymore because I refuse to listen to anything else in the car. True story. {I'm gross.} I've had a few of these pop song obsessions in my day. It all started, innocently enough, with Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" and then it was on to Selena Gomez's "Who Says." Now, it's a new song every week. I don't know who's behind it, or whatever, but I'm just so thankful! Pure pop goodness all the time. I can't stop. I JUST CAN'T STOP. Pop music is back, guys. In a big way. And I, for one, am not doing anything to fight it anymore. As a teenager, I might have tried to fend off the likes of Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen. But to what avail? They're just so good & happy!!! If I can be honest with you, all I want to do in life is drive down a country road with the windows down and blast "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" forever and ever and ever. Yep, I said it. And I realize how ridiculous I sound. But it's got ahold of me, guys! I'm embracing the pop. It's like I'm 10-years-old all over again. But this time, I'm actually old enough to get all the sexual innuendos in the songs.

So if there are any of you out there who are fighting it, I urge you to give in to the pop. It doesn't hurt at all. In fact, it's sort of like a warm blanket, providing comfort from the cruel world of judgmental music snobs. All music doesn't have to be this fancy schmancy shit. Sometimes it can just be fun, bubblegum pop. Or sophisticated pop, which is something I made up to refer to artists like Robyn, who are legit as fuck. I've compiled a playlist of my absolute favorite songs at this moment so you guys can enjoy these catchy little bastards right along with me. They're all stuck in my head at all times {sometimes more than one at a time.} Come. Let's all dance around and sing Taylor Swift together just like God intended.

PS- Who else is majorly pumped that No Doubt is back? Gwen Stefani is the queen of my heart.

01// Taylor Swift- We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
02// Cher Lloyd- Want U Back
03// Demi Lovato- Give Your Heart A Break
04// Carly Rae Jepsen- Call Me Maybe
05// No Doubt- Settle Down
06// Karmin- Brokenhearted
07// Pink- Blow Me {One Last Kiss}
08// Robyn- Call Your Girlfriend
09// Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen- Good Time
10// Katy Perry- Wide Awake
11// Ellie Goulding- Lights

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xo. Carmen


  1. I'm super happy No Doubt is back! And I gotta check out this Want U Back song!


  2. girl you are so right! taylor swifts new song is the epitome of a pop song but it is just SO darn good. loved this post!

    xo Britta

  3. i love that pop is coming back and i even kinda like the new boy bands and i'm 23 which is kinda eww so i keep it to myself

  4. Wow. Pop certainly is coming back for a bit. YAY! I knew there was a reason I liked most of these songs. I was a total pop princess back in the day.

  5. Ugh, as much as I hate to admit this, that playlist is bad ass. I can't get most of those songs out of my head.
    That Demi song.. makes me want to dance.

  6. i will not be missing no doubt on their comeback tour!

  7. LOVE that No Doubt is back with a new album. I cant wait until they go on tour with it so I can see them for the 10th (approx) time!


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